NYSE Nasdq AMEX 100 Stocks Rankings



Top 100 Stock Rankings

NYSE Nasdq AMEX 100 Stocks Rankings


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Company Name Ticker Support Resist 52 Week
52 Week

1 (XIDE) FT CBOE Vest U.S. Equity Buffe

XIDE30.1330.3530.9030.00Strong Buy

2 (HYSA) Bondbloxx USD High Yield Bond

HYSA14.6514.9615.8813.60Strong Buy

3 (PTBD) Pacer Trendpilot US Bond ETF

PTBD19.8820.3020.7219.05Strong Buy

4 (SSY) Sunlink Health Systems

SSY0.680.801.110.54Strong Buy

5 (FLBL) Franklin Liberty Senior Loan E

FLBL24.3424.5124.5123.21Strong Buy

6 (AGRH) Interest Rate Hedged U.S. Agg

AGRH25.7925.9426.0325.34Strong Buy

7 (CORN) Teucrium Corn

CORN19.7920.4027.2118.72Strong Buy

8 (HYGW) Ishares Hi-Yield Corp Bond Buy

HYGW32.7333.3236.1632.73Strong Buy

9 (GDXD) Microsectors Gold Miners -3X E

GDXD2.243.628.712.24Strong Buy

10 (ZSL) Ultrashort Silver -2X ETF

ZSL11.4415.1024.6611.44Strong Buy

11 (APRD) Innovator Premium Income 10 Ba

APRD23.9824.6825.4323.98Strong Buy

12 (KLIP) KS China Internet and Covered

KLIP14.7215.2120.8614.18Strong Buy

13 (BUYW) Northern IV Main Buywrite ETF

BUYW13.3913.6914.6913.03Strong Buy

14 (DUST) Gold Miners Bear -2X Direxion

DUST7.259.7116.177.25Strong Buy

15 (APRH) Innovator Premium Income 20 Ba

APRH24.1524.6925.2624.15Strong Buy

16 (NUHY) Nuveen ESG High Yield Corporat

NUHY20.5120.9221.1819.50Strong Buy

17 (DWMF) Wisdomtree International Multi

DWMF26.0526.6126.6823.82Strong Buy

18 (HYS) 0-5 Year High Yield Corp Bond

HYS91.7993.7494.2388.29Strong Buy

19 (DCMB) Doubleline Commercial Real Est

DCMB51.0351.3651.4050.10Strong Buy

20 (ELMD) Electromed Inc

ELMD13.9016.3417.858.80Strong Buy

21 (FLHY) Franklin Liberty High Yield Co

FLHY23.1823.5523.7821.86Strong Buy

22 (APRJ) Innovator Premium Income 30 Ba

APRJ24.3124.7027.3924.31Strong Buy

23 (LQDH) Int Rate Hedged Corp Bond Isha

LQDH93.0693.7294.3790.17Strong Buy

24 (KWT) Ishares MSCI Kuwait ETF

KWT32.4333.8834.9028.41Strong Buy

25 (JDST) Junior Gold Mine Bear -3X Dire

JDST3.655.089.213.65Strong Buy

26 (CDX) Simplify High Yield Plus Credi

CDX22.5223.0324.5421.32Strong Buy

27 (SVOL) Simplify Volatility Premium ET

SVOL21.6522.4323.2521.42Strong Buy

28 (IDOG) Alps International Sector Divi

IDOG28.7029.6830.2926.06Strong Buy

29 (CQQQ) China Technology Invesco ETF

CQQQ30.2532.7044.0527.68Strong Buy

30 (EFAV) EAFE Min Vol Ishares Edge MSCI

EFAV67.6869.8671.3262.99Strong Buy

31 (EMQQ) Emrg Mkts Internet and E-Comme

EMQQ31.0132.0733.7427.32Strong Buy


EFIX15.9816.3616.9214.35Strong Buy

33 (KURE) KS MSCI All China Health Care

KURE13.7614.9321.0813.60Strong Buy

34 (OEUR) Os Europe Qlty Divd ETF

OEUR28.4829.6530.6224.59Strong Buy

35 (EWS) Singapore Ishares MSCI ETF

EWS18.1518.7620.1017.22Strong Buy

36 (SOYB) Teucrium Soybean

SOYB24.3325.1429.4323.79Strong Buy

37 (EAD) Wells Fargo Advantage

EAD6.296.546.815.69Strong Buy

38 (DBEU) Xt MSCI Europe Hedged Equity E

DBEU39.8440.7541.3133.79Strong Buy

39 (BKIE) BNY Mellon International Equit

BKIE71.1474.6876.8761.90Strong Buy

40 (FLCH) China Franklin FTSE ETF

FLCH15.7316.1919.6114.13Strong Buy

41 (SBND) Columbia Short-Duration Bond E

SBND18.0818.2918.4917.62Strong Buy

42 (DFNL) Davis Select Financial ETF

DFNL32.1434.6634.6624.77Strong Buy

43 (IWMY) Defiance R2000 Enhanced Option

IWMY15.9717.1523.0915.97Strong Buy

44 (EDEN) Denmark Ishares MSCI ETF

EDEN116.21120.68124.6495.03Strong Buy

45 (PBJ) Dynamic Food & Beverage Invesc

PBJ46.9048.2049.0040.05Strong Buy

46 (FDHY) Fidelity High Yield Factor ETF

FDHY47.0547.9048.5044.64Strong Buy

47 (FDEV) Fidelity Targeted Internationa

FDEV26.2027.1027.8823.59Strong Buy

48 (GFOF) Grayscale Future of Finance ET

GFOF14.7317.8022.0310.28Strong Buy

49 (HDMV) Horizon Vol Dev Intl ETF FT

HDMV27.8028.7929.8425.93Strong Buy

50 (HYGH) Int Rate Hedged High Yield Bon

HYGH84.4385.4086.0080.39Strong Buy

51 (SATO) Invesco Alerian Galaxy Crypto

SATO11.5013.8816.666.50Strong Buy

52 (IBLC) Ishares Blockchain and Tech ET

IBLC23.9329.3434.7515.00Strong Buy

53 (IBHG) Ishares Ibonds 2027 Term High

IBHG21.7122.2324.1620.96Strong Buy

54 (MCH) Matthews China Active ETF

MCH18.6219.2623.5816.77Strong Buy

55 (DULL) Microsectors Gold -3X Inverse

DULL11.2914.1826.0411.29Strong Buy

56 (KNGS) Roundhill S&P Dividend Monarch

KNGS27.6828.8128.8116.01Strong Buy

57 (STCE) Schwab Crypto Thematic ETF

STCE31.7537.9741.8218.33Strong Buy

58 (TILL) Teucrium Agricultural Strategy

TILL20.5921.3738.3820.59Strong Buy

59 (WEAT) Teucrium Wheat

WEAT5.285.587.445.02Strong Buy

60 (SEA) U.S. Global Sea To Sky Cargo E

SEA15.0915.5016.7413.51Strong Buy

61 (GLL) Ultrashort Gold -2X ETF

GLL19.5122.8333.5019.51Strong Buy

62 (DURA) Vaneck Morningstar Durable Div

DURA31.2532.3132.7328.46Strong Buy

63 (HEDJ) Wisdomtree Europe Hedged Equit

HEDJ46.3747.8448.7537.38Strong Buy

64 (DEEF) Xt FTSE Developed Ex US Multif

DEEF28.2029.1629.7624.64Strong Buy

65 (AZTD) Aztlan Global Stock Selection

AZTD20.1221.1322.2618.62Strong Buy

66 (BKGI) BNY Mellon Global Infrastructu

BKGI27.8829.0429.8124.63Strong Buy

67 (BITQ) Bitwise Crypto Industry Innova

BITQ9.9012.2813.755.90Strong Buy

68 (CMCL) Caledonia Mining Cp

CMCL9.8510.8415.148.91Strong Buy

69 (AFSM) FT Active Factor Small Cap ETF

AFSM26.9929.2130.5922.17Strong Buy

70 (XISE) FT U.S. Equity Buffer & Prem I

XISE30.4231.1731.6329.79Strong Buy

71 (XJUN) FT U.S. Equity Enhance & Moder

XJUN36.1136.2636.2632.25Strong Buy

72 (FSYD) Fidelity Sustainable High Yiel

FSYD45.6946.5647.1043.13Strong Buy

73 (EFNL) Finland Ishares MSCI ETF

EFNL34.9936.0539.0630.30Strong Buy

74 (SIFI) Harbor Scientific Alpha Income

SIFI42.4143.2043.8641.01Strong Buy

75 (RODM) Hartford Multifactor Dev Marke

RODM26.8127.5828.0724.34Strong Buy

76 (OCTQ) Innovator Premium Income 40 Ba

OCTQ23.9224.2424.4423.70Strong Buy

77 (XBOC) Innovator U.S. Equity Acc 9 Bu

XBOC28.5728.7428.7424.62Strong Buy

78 (UNOV) Innovator U.S. Equity Ultra Bu

UNOV32.3532.5832.7228.83Strong Buy

79 (IGBH) Int Rate Hedged Long-Term Corp

IGBH24.4424.6224.8022.93Strong Buy

80 (IDV) Intl Select Dividend Ishares E

IDV27.4528.4328.4324.34Strong Buy

81 (IMFL) Invesco International Develope

IMFL24.4225.3725.9521.74Strong Buy

82 (JWSM) Jaws Mustang Acquisition Corp

JWSM10.9911.0511.2510.01Strong Buy

83 (KEMQ) KS EM Consumer Technology Inde

KEMQ13.9414.6316.0513.09Strong Buy

84 (DVDN) Kingsbarn Dividend Opportunity

DVDN27.6628.8330.7426.47Strong Buy

85 (PTIN) Pacer Trendpilot International

PTIN27.6928.6829.3024.78Strong Buy

86 (XRLV) S&P 500 Ex-Rate Sensitive Low

XRLV48.4250.0150.0143.56Strong Buy

87 (SCHY) Schwab International Dividend

SCHY23.5824.3524.9522.05Strong Buy

88 (RMIF) Solutions Lha Risk-Managed Inc

RMIF24.9425.1825.3624.76Strong Buy

89 (TFLR) T. Rowe Price Floating Rate ET

TFLR51.5051.9352.2049.82Strong Buy

90 (FIBR) US Fixed Income Balanced Risk

FIBR84.3085.4686.7181.11Strong Buy

91 (UNG) US Natural Gas Fund

UNG14.7216.0932.3213.87Strong Buy

92 (DDM) Ultra Dow30 2X ETF

DDM77.6083.8287.6758.76Strong Buy

93 (UJB) Ultra High Yield 2X ETF

UJB65.7367.8769.2358.05Strong Buy

94 (UDOW) Ultrapro Dow30 3X ETF

UDOW71.4380.5186.1247.72Strong Buy

95 (HYEM) Vaneck Emerging Markets High Y

HYEM18.5718.9319.1517.37Strong Buy

96 (ITM) Vaneck Intermediate Muni ETF

ITM45.7546.3547.1543.35Strong Buy

97 (UTRN) Vesper US Large Cap Short-Term

UTRN24.7725.6226.1421.59Strong Buy

98 (EUDG) Wisdomtree Europe Quality Divi

EUDG30.7731.9932.9727.36Strong Buy

99 (DBEF) Xt MSCI EAFE Hedged Equity ETF

DBEF39.6040.9641.8033.41Strong Buy

100 (RVNU) Xt Municipal Infrastructure Re

RVNU25.0025.5126.0422.60Strong Buy
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