NYSE Nasdq AMEX 100 Stocks Rankings



Top 100 Stock Rankings

NYSE Nasdq AMEX 100 Stocks Rankings


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Company Name Ticker Support Resist 52 Week
52 Week

1 (ICLO) Invesco AAA Clo Floating Rate

ICLO25.5225.6625.7525.38Strong Sell

2 (TBLL) Invesco Short Term Treasury ET

TBLL105.26105.58106.23105.20Strong Sell

3 (VXZ) Ipath S&P 500 VIX Mid-Term Fut

VXZ13.5814.2923.9113.31Strong Sell

4 (SIVR) Physical Silver ETF

SIVR25.3028.5028.5019.83Strong Sell

5 (GDMN) Wisdomtree Efficient Gold Plus

GDMN25.8930.4230.8819.55Strong Sell

6 (XPL) Solitario Resources Corp

XPL0.580.740.740.43Strong Sell

7 (PSLV) Sprott Physical Silver Trust E

PSLV8.839.979.977.08Strong Sell

8 (GOAU) US Global Go Gold and Precious

GOAU17.4819.7420.8814.00Strong Sell

9 (AGQ) Ultra Silver 2X ETF

AGQ27.6235.7840.8321.30Strong Sell

10 (MAG) MAG Silver Corp

MAG10.4412.8713.628.20Strong Sell

11 (VIXY) Proshares VIX Short-Term Futur

VIXY13.7915.6143.4012.66Strong Sell

12 (SLV) Silver Trust Ishares

SLV24.1827.2427.2418.97Strong Sell

13 (UVXY) Ultra VIX Short-Term 2X Future

UVXY30.5037.25215.5030.50Strong Sell

14 (GSY) Ultrashort Duration Invesco ET

GSY49.7549.8950.1249.55Strong Sell

15 (UVIX) VS TR 2X Long VIX Futures ETF

UVIX8.3710.83142.218.37Strong Sell

16 (SDEM) GX MSCI Superdividend EM ETF

SDEM24.9225.7126.2022.24Strong Sell

17 (IE) Ivanhoe Electric Inc

IE8.5810.1316.757.29Strong Sell

18 (GDX) Vaneck Gold Miners ETF

GDX31.5235.7436.2625.62Strong Sell

19 (DBP) DB Precious Metals Fund Invesc

DBP54.9159.3759.3746.11Strong Sell

20 (NUGT) Gold Miners Bull 2X ETF Direxi

NUGT28.8837.9651.8923.15Strong Sell

21 (SHNY) Microsectors Gold 3X Leveraged

SHNY34.1741.5641.5620.25Strong Sell

22 (GDXU) Microsectors Gold Miners 3X ET

GDXU24.0636.6968.6017.21Strong Sell

23 (SGDM) Sprott Gold Miners ETF

SGDM25.0628.0931.4020.72Strong Sell

24 (CEF) Sprott Physical Gold & Silver

CEF21.0823.0723.0716.73Strong Sell

25 (SGDJ) Alps Sprott Junior Gold

SGDJ28.6032.5335.3624.07Strong Sell

26 (FGDL) Franklin Responsibly Sourced G

FGDL30.1132.4032.4024.27Strong Sell

27 (GOEX) GX Gold Explorers ETF

GOEX26.0429.2429.6520.71Strong Sell

28 (BAR) Graniteshares Gold Trust Share

BAR22.3124.0324.0317.95Strong Sell

29 (IAUF) Ishares Gold Strategy ETF

IAUF58.3963.8863.8852.16Strong Sell

30 (IAUM) Ishares Gold Trust Micro ETV S

IAUM22.5224.2624.2618.11Strong Sell

31 (JNUG) Junior Gold Mine Bull 3X Direx

JNUG27.9137.8548.2321.92Strong Sell

32 (VIXM) Proshares VIX Mid-Term Futures

VIXM15.6716.5027.9615.39Strong Sell

33 (GDXJ) Vaneck Junior Gold Miners ETF

GDXJ38.9244.7044.7030.46Strong Sell

34 (OUNZ) Vaneck Merk Gold Trust

OUNZ21.8123.5023.5017.56Strong Sell

35 (PVI) Vrdo Tax-Free Weekly Invesco E

PVI24.7324.9025.0024.62Strong Sell

36 (SILJ) ETFMG Prime Junior Silver Mine

SILJ10.2212.0212.027.80Strong Sell

37 (VXX) Ipath.B S&P 500 VIX Short-Term

VXX13.8715.7043.2112.73Strong Sell

38 (BNKD) Microsectors U.S. Big Banks -3

BNKD4.475.2417.334.47Strong Sell

39 (PHYS) Sprott Physical Gold Trust ETV

PHYS17.4618.7518.7514.00Strong Sell

40 (GOLY) Strategy Shares Gold-Hedged Bo

GOLY21.5322.6922.6917.12Strong Sell

41 (USG) Uscf Gold Strategy Plus Income

USG26.4827.5627.5622.93Strong Sell

42 (USAS) Americas Silver Corp

USAS0.240.310.560.20Strong Sell

43 (DGP) DB Gold 2X ETN Powershares

DGP51.5059.3959.3934.56Strong Sell

44 (AAAU) GS Physical Gold ETF

AAAU22.3424.0724.0717.97Strong Sell

45 (SIL) GX Silver Miners ETF

SIL28.3633.4733.4722.57Strong Sell

46 (GLD) Gold SPDR

GLD208.93225.09225.09168.30Strong Sell

47 (IAU) Gold Trust Ishares

IAU42.6845.9845.9834.35Strong Sell

48 (NEWP) New Pacific Metals Corp

NEWP1.352.032.710.87Strong Sell

49 (ORLA) Orla Mining

ORLA3.514.014.822.60Strong Sell

50 (SGOL) Physical Gold ETF

SGOL21.5823.2423.2417.35Strong Sell

51 (GLDM) SPDR Gold Minishares Trust

GLDM44.7548.2148.2135.99Strong Sell

52 (UGL) Ultra Gold 2X ETF

UGL74.7686.0286.0250.62Strong Sell

53 (AIRI) Air Industries Group Inc

AIRI4.315.666.502.60Strong Sell

54 (COPX) GX Copper Miners ETF

COPX42.9147.2547.2531.65Strong Sell

55 (GLTR) Physical Precious Metals Baske

GLTR98.12106.47106.4780.99Strong Sell

56 (GGN) Gamco Global Gold Natural Reso

GGN3.924.174.173.51Strong Sell

57 (PAPL) Pineapple Financial Inc

PAPL1.231.794.251.20Strong Sell

58 (GOOX) T-Rex 2X Long Alphabet Daily T

GOOX25.7930.0030.0020.29Strong Sell

59 (TGB) Taseko Mines Ltd

TGB2.152.612.611.05Strong Sell

60 (AXIL) Axil Brands Inc

AXIL11.6012.6114.0011.07Strong Sell

61 (EMX) Emx Royalty Group

EMX1.832.102.151.41Strong Sell

62 (ENSV) Enservco Corpporation

ENSV0.190.310.500.17Strong Sell

63 (EQX) Equinox Gold Corp

EQX5.095.966.503.95Strong Sell

64 (GTE) Gran Tierra Energy Inc

GTE7.088.468.804.62Strong Sell

65 (ITRG) Integra Resources Corp

ITRG0.790.971.180.45Strong Sell

66 (SLVP) Ishares Global Silver Miners F

SLVP10.5012.6012.608.01Strong Sell

67 (KFVG) KS Cicc China 5G and Semicondu

KFVG13.9114.9217.6111.58Strong Sell

68 (SZK) Ultrashort Consumer Goods -2X

SZK13.5714.4018.6813.30Strong Sell

69 (USE) Uscf Energy Commodity Strategy

USE37.9139.4339.4329.62Strong Sell

70 (YANG) FTSE China Bear -3X Direxion

YANG10.6411.7019.167.45Strong Sell

71 (USCI) US Commodity Index

USCI61.1564.3864.3851.36Strong Sell

72 (KOLD) Ultrashort Bloomberg Natural G

KOLD65.1875.4788.4921.87Strong Sell

73 (URG) Ur Energy Inc

URG1.601.832.010.82Strong Sell

74 (COM) Auspice Broad Commodity Strate

COM28.7529.9231.6227.56Strong Sell

75 (FAZ) Financial Bear -3X Direxion

FAZ9.7411.0923.929.74Strong Sell

76 (CRIT) Optica Rare Earths & Critical

CRIT18.5520.2421.5915.86Strong Sell

77 (SEF) Short Financials -1X ETF

SEF10.4410.8813.7810.16Strong Sell

78 (SYNX) Silynxcom Ltd

SYNX3.053.674.102.82Strong Sell

79 (SKF) Ultrashort Financials -2X ETF

SKF11.7712.8321.5111.77Strong Sell

80 (JUNW) Aim U.S. Large Cap Buffer20 Ju


81 (AHLT) American Beacon Ahl Trend ETF


82 (ASM) Avino Silver & Gold


83 (YXI) Short FTSE China 50 -1X ETF


84 (SVM) Silvercorp Metals Inc


85 (SDOW) Ultrapro Short Dow 30 -3X ETF


86 (DXD) Ultrashort Dow30 -2X ETF


87 (EPV) Ultrashort FTSE Europe -2X ETF


88 (GMET) Vaneck Green Metals ETF


89 (VZLA) Vizsla Silver Corp


90 (FCO) Abrdn Global Income Fund Inc


91 (DC) Dakota Gold Corp


92 (KARB) ETF Series Carbon Strategy ETF


93 (IGLD) FT Gold Strategy Target Income


94 (FURY) Fury Gold Mines Ltd


95 (WEED) Listed Roundhill Cannabis ETF


96 (JETD) Max Airlines -3X Inverse Lever


97 (MTA) Metalla Royalty and Streaming


98 (NBCM) Neuberger Commodity Strategy E


99 (NFGC) New Found Gold Corp


100 (PZG) Paramount Gold and Silver

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