NYSE Nasdq AMEX 100 Stocks Rankings



Top 100 Stock Rankings

NYSE Nasdq AMEX 100 Stocks Rankings


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Company Name Ticker Support Resist 52 Week
52 Week

1 (USFR) Wisdomtree Floating Rate Treas

USFR50.2750.4350.5350.21Strong Sell

2 (BDCX) Etracs Quarterly Pay 1.5X Bdc

BDCX32.2734.3035.0527.64Strong Sell

3 (HIGH) Simplify Enhanced Income ETF

HIGH24.3924.5725.7124.28Strong Sell

4 (GOLY) Strategy Shares Gold-Hedged Bo

GOLY21.5922.4522.9917.12Strong Sell

5 (APRQ) Innovator Premium Income 40 Ba

APRQ24.5324.7324.9624.35Strong Sell

6 (NVBW) Aim U.S. Large Cap Buffer20 No

NVBW29.2229.5829.5826.34Strong Sell

7 (RBLD) FT Alerian US Nextgen Infrastr

RBLD61.1263.6263.6248.48Strong Sell

8 (JPAN) Matthews Japan Active ETF

JPAN28.6029.6131.8422.91Strong Sell

9 (UNG) US Natural Gas Fund

UNG16.8821.6132.3213.87Strong Sell

10 (BOIL) Ultra Bloomberg Natural Gas 2X

BOIL17.3424.7178.6512.28Strong Sell

11 (HYKE) Vest 2 Year Interest Rate Hedg

HYKE28.8530.3830.3824.35Strong Sell

12 (BFIX) Build Funds Trust Build Bond I

BFIX22.8523.4623.5922.25Strong Sell

13 (BRAZ) GX Brazil Active ETF

BRAZ24.9526.4229.5823.83Strong Sell

14 (NVIR) Horizon Kinetics Energy and Re

NVIR28.0828.9929.4923.07Strong Sell

15 (FXED) Sound Enhanced Fixed Income ET

FXED18.1318.5218.7616.40Strong Sell

16 (SMI) Vaneck Hip Sustainable Muni ET

SMI45.4745.8746.6443.03Strong Sell

17 (ECLN) Eip Carbon Impact ETF FT

ECLN24.6726.2526.2521.52Strong Sell

18 (VNAM) GX Funds Gx MSCI Vietnam ETF

VNAM15.9817.0019.2514.20Strong Sell

19 (ROOF) IQ US Real Estate Smallcap ETF

ROOF18.6619.5020.7116.55Strong Sell

20 (JEPI) JPM Equity Premium Income ETF

JEPI56.1157.4157.9451.38Strong Sell

21 (CVSB) MS Ultra-Short Investment Grad

CVSB50.4250.6250.7849.85Strong Sell

22 (BUCK) Simplify Stable Income ETF

BUCK24.4724.7425.6724.28Strong Sell

23 (IHE) US Pharmaceuticals Ishares ETF

IHE64.2866.8869.5655.36Strong Sell

24 (VWI) Voi Absolute Income Fund

VWI26.4827.3927.3924.42Strong Sell

25 (WFIG) Wisdomtree U.S. Corporate Bond

WFIG43.4044.1145.0640.92Strong Sell

26 (ZHDG) Zega Buy and Hedge ETF

ZHDG18.3819.1219.1216.39Strong Sell

27 (XHYH) Boxx USD Hi-Yi Healthcare Sect

XHYH34.0034.7434.7431.08Strong Sell

28 (BWET) Breakwave Tanker Shipping ETF

BWET17.9819.4422.9213.58Strong Sell

29 (OCIO) ETF Series Solutions ETF

OCIO31.3232.4632.4628.16Strong Sell

30 (MLPR) Etracs Quarterly Pay 1.5X Aler

MLPR54.7858.2562.8139.40Strong Sell

31 (BAR) Graniteshares Gold Trust Share

BAR22.5123.4824.0817.95Strong Sell

32 (ROSC) Hartford Multifactor Small Cap

ROSC39.7441.5142.2034.25Strong Sell

33 (IQSU) IQ Candriam ESG US Equity ETF

IQSU43.1845.1445.1435.93Strong Sell

34 (DIVG) Invesco S&P 500 High Dividend

DIVG27.7829.0629.0625.80Strong Sell

35 (ISDB) Invesco Short-Duration Bond ET

ISDB24.6224.7725.1424.38Strong Sell

36 (IAUM) Ishares Gold Trust Micro ETV S

IAUM22.7323.7224.3318.11Strong Sell

37 (BEMB) JPM Broad USD Emerging Markets

BEMB51.3652.2652.4447.53Strong Sell

38 (IGV) North American Tech-Software I

IGV80.9985.2288.8264.27Strong Sell

39 (SZNE) Pacer Cfra-Stovall EW Seasonal

SZNE37.4238.5739.5130.31Strong Sell

40 (SGOL) Physical Gold ETF

SGOL21.7622.7123.3017.35Strong Sell

41 (XRLV) S&P 500 Ex-Rate Sensitive Low

XRLV48.5050.1150.1143.56Strong Sell

42 (ITAN) Sparkline Intangible Value ETF

ITAN27.7328.6129.0022.10Strong Sell

43 (SSPY) Syntax Stratified Largecap ETF

SSPY74.0076.3376.9861.92Strong Sell

44 (THYF) T. Rowe Price U.S. High Yield

THYF51.2851.9452.1048.10Strong Sell

45 (TBUX) T. Rowe Price Ultra-Short-Term

TBUX49.2049.5249.7248.51Strong Sell

46 (SPIP) TIPS Barclays ETF SPDR

SPIP25.1525.5026.0324.33Strong Sell

47 (VFMV) U.S. Minimum Volatility Vangua

VFMV110.52114.91114.9194.32Strong Sell

48 (OUNZ) Vaneck Merk Gold Trust

OUNZ22.0122.9623.5617.56Strong Sell

49 (ELD) Wisdomtree Emerging Markets Lo

ELD26.2327.0328.5925.01Strong Sell

50 (GAA) Cambria Global Asset Allocatio

GAA28.4729.2029.2025.41Strong Sell

51 (DBP) DB Precious Metals Fund Invesc

DBP55.3958.7760.8646.11Strong Sell

52 (SSFI) Day Hagan Smart Sector Fixed I

SSFI20.8921.2221.8719.62Strong Sell

53 (DBND) Doubleline Opportunistic Bond

DBND44.8245.4446.4842.85Strong Sell

54 (GAMR) ETFMG Video Game Tech ETF

GAMR57.7364.6264.6250.04Strong Sell

55 (HSMV) FT Horizon Managed Volatility

HSMV32.8634.2334.2328.02Strong Sell

56 (GIGB) GS Access Investment Grade Cor

GIGB44.6445.4146.5341.92Strong Sell

57 (RINF) Inflation Expectations ETF

RINF32.9533.2535.3731.39Strong Sell

58 (CORP) Invst Grade Corp Bd Index Pimc

CORP93.8395.3697.8988.56Strong Sell

59 (IBIF) Ishares Ibonds Oct 2029 Term T

IBIF25.3225.5625.7524.57Strong Sell

60 (BBAG) JPM U.S. Aggregate Bond ETF

BBAG44.7545.5346.9443.03Strong Sell

61 (LSST) Natixis Loomis Sayles Short-Du

LSST23.7323.8524.1023.44Strong Sell

62 (PTRB) PGIM Total Return Bond ETF

PTRB40.6941.3542.1338.53Strong Sell

63 (GLTR) Physical Precious Metals Baske

GLTR102.67109.72109.7280.99Strong Sell

64 (PCGG) Polen Capital Global Growth ET

PCGG10.6410.9411.449.00Strong Sell

65 (SPXE) S&P 500 Ex-Energy ETF

SPXE54.4957.0357.0343.58Strong Sell

66 (SPTS) SPDR Short-Term Treasury Portf

SPTS28.7028.8329.1828.58Strong Sell

67 (SCHO) Schwab Short-Term U.S. Treasur

SCHO47.8448.0648.6547.65Strong Sell

68 (SURI) Simplify Propel Opportunities

SURI21.4923.5726.7817.93Strong Sell

69 (TFLR) T. Rowe Price Floating Rate ET

TFLR51.3751.8352.2050.01Strong Sell

70 (TOTR) T. Rowe Price Total Return ETF

TOTR39.5440.2341.3138.01Strong Sell

71 (TPLE) Timothy Plan US Large/Mid Cap

TPLE23.9924.8425.1420.85Strong Sell

72 (USG) Uscf Gold Strategy Plus Income

USG26.9228.0228.7022.93Strong Sell

73 (EINC) Vaneck Energy Income ETF

EINC75.5179.0079.0059.25Strong Sell

74 (AGGY) Wisdomtree Yield Enhd U.S. Agg

AGGY42.4243.1544.2140.62Strong Sell

75 (MIDE) Xt S&P Midcap 400 ESG ETF

MIDE28.4929.7930.0323.16Strong Sell

76 (CZA) Zacks Midcap Invesco ETF

CZA97.96100.65101.6979.88Strong Sell

77 (TYD) 7-10 Year Treasury Bull 3X Dir

TYD23.9625.2631.1522.25Strong Sell

78 (BCIM) Abrdn Bloomberg Industrial Met

BCIM24.9326.7926.7920.15Strong Sell

79 (DTRE) Alerian Dis Tech Real Estate E

DTRE36.9738.8344.3334.83Strong Sell

80 (AVIG) Avantis Core Fixed Income ETF

AVIG40.2940.9142.0138.53Strong Sell

81 (AVIE) Avantis Inflation Focused Equi

AVIE61.7363.1963.2453.20Strong Sell

82 (INMU) Blackrock Intermediate Muni In

INMU23.3823.5823.9222.19Strong Sell

83 (BHM) Bluerock Homes Trust Inc

BHM16.7018.0218.0212.05Strong Sell

84 (XTRE) Boxx Three Year Target Duratio

XTRE48.3148.6749.5747.94Strong Sell

85 (CRF) Cornerstone Strategic Return F

CRF7.387.718.566.05Strong Sell

86 (DHY) Credit Suisse High Yield Bond

DHY2. Sell

87 (DGP) DB Gold 2X ETN Powershares

DGP51.4256.3659.4134.56Strong Sell

88 (DEEP) Deep Value ETF

DEEP34.1935.8636.7630.48Strong Sell

89 (DFRA) Donoghue Forlines Yield Enhanc

DFRA30.5831.5131.5124.94Strong Sell

90 (RITA) ETF Series Etfb Green Sri Reit

RITA18.0518.8019.6916.21Strong Sell

91 (UUUU) Energy Fuels Inc

UUUU5.877.029.035.16Strong Sell

92 (EIPX) FT Energy Income Partners ST

EIPX23.2924.0824.0819.19Strong Sell

93 (IGLD) FT Gold Strategy Target Income

IGLD19.7020.3120.6917.69Strong Sell

94 (FTBD) Fidelity Tactical Bond ETF

FTBD48.0548.8550.0845.66Strong Sell

95 (HELX) Franklin Genomic Advancements

HELX30.3632.0332.9225.26Strong Sell

96 (FGDL) Franklin Responsibly Sourced G

FGDL30.5931.7732.5024.27Strong Sell

97 (GCOR) GS Access U.S. Aggregate Bond

GCOR40.2740.8842.0237.59Strong Sell

98 (AAAU) GS Physical Gold ETF

AAAU22.5523.5224.1317.97Strong Sell

99 (GLD) Gold SPDR

GLD210.72219.95225.66168.30Strong Sell

100 (IAU) Gold Trust Ishares

IAU43.0544.9346.0834.35Strong Sell
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