NYSE Nasdq AMEX 100 Stocks Rankings



Top 100 Stock Rankings

NYSE Nasdq AMEX 100 Stocks Rankings


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Company Name Ticker Support Resist 52 Week
52 Week

1 (AGIH) Ishares Inflation Hedged U.S.

AGIH24.2224.4224.7423.28Strong Sell

2 (CRPT) FT Skybridge Crypto Industry a

CRPT12.8014.7015.004.60Strong Sell

3 (FDVV) Fidelity High Dividend ETF

FDVV46.7347.7747.7736.94Strong Sell

4 (FLSW) Franklin Switzerland ETF

FLSW32.8734.0934.8528.50Strong Sell

5 (ESGG) Flexshares Global ESG Impact I

ESGG162.50166.37166.37129.77Strong Sell

6 (IBLC) Ishares Blockchain and Tech ET

IBLC29.7334.8434.8415.00Strong Sell

7 (FAX) Abrdn Asia-Pacific Income Fund

FAX2.642.722.842.33Strong Sell

8 (CBLS) Changebridge Capital Long/Shor

CBLS25.1525.6725.9918.65Strong Sell

9 (BUFT) FT Buffered Allocation Defensi

BUFT21.6921.8221.8219.21Strong Sell

10 (FLAX) Franklin Asia Ex Japan ETF

FLAX22.3623.0223.4318.81Strong Sell

11 (PHYD) Putnam ESG High Yield ETF

PHYD50.1950.6751.3847.57Strong Sell

12 (SER) Serina Therapeutics Inc

SER7.8612.0135.717.86Strong Sell

13 (VT) Total World Stock Index ETF Va

VT111.39113.82113.8288.74Strong Sell

14 (BBBI) Bondbloxx BBB Rated 5-10 Year

BBBI49.2649.7250.8448.63Strong Sell

15 (GFOF) Grayscale Future of Finance ET

GFOF18.0820.7922.0310.28Strong Sell

16 (BITQ) Bitwise Crypto Industry Innova

BITQ12.5514.5314.536.17Strong Sell

17 (ZTRE) F/M 3-Year Investment Grade Co

ZTRE49.7149.8650.4149.35Strong Sell

18 (ROIS) Hartford Multifactor Intl Smal

ROIS51.0951.8351.8348.81Strong Sell

19 (JPLD) Jpmorgan Limited Duration Bond

JPLD50.7351.0751.0749.42Strong Sell

20 (FLKR) South Korea Franklin FTSE ETF

FLKR21.4722.5523.7018.64Strong Sell

21 (VSHY) Virtus Newfleet High Yield Bon

VSHY21.2421.4421.7020.06Strong Sell

22 (TAIL) Cambria Tail Risk ETF

TAIL11.6311.8013.8511.63Strong Sell

23 (ESGN) Columbia Sustainable Internati

ESGN30.7131.2731.6125.50Strong Sell

24 (FDRR) Fidelity Dividend ETF For Risi

FDRR47.8249.3249.3238.14Strong Sell

25 (SATO) Invesco Alerian Galaxy Crypto

SATO14.7117.0817.087.15Strong Sell

26 (JHHY) JH High Yield ETF

JHHY25.1925.4225.4225.04Strong Sell

27 (WTID) Microsectors Energy -3X Levera

WTID16.0318.3034.5112.48Strong Sell

28 (OVB) Overlay Shares Core Bond ETF

OVB20.5120.9921.5918.69Strong Sell

29 (SFYF) Sofi 50 ETF

SFYF33.2635.1535.1524.33Strong Sell

30 (NXTE) Axs Green Alpha ETF

NXTE32.8434.3735.3124.93Strong Sell

31 (TYLD) Cambria Tactical Yield ETF

TYLD25.3625.5325.5324.97Strong Sell

32 (CGDG) Capital Group Dividend Grower

CGDG28.4429.0029.3424.01Strong Sell

33 (ZTEN) F/M 10-Year Investment Grade C

ZTEN49.2049.7850.9048.28Strong Sell

34 (FDEM) Fidelity Targeted Emerging Mar

FDEM25.2926.1626.6921.17Strong Sell

35 (INOV) Innovator Intl Developed Power

INOV28.0928.6529.0025.32Strong Sell

36 (PSDM) PGIM Short Duration Multi-Sect

PSDM50.3350.4751.1349.69Strong Sell

37 (SAMM) Strategas Macro Momentum ETF

SAMM24.8025.4325.8223.76Strong Sell

38 (FCO) Abrdn Global Income Fund Inc

FCO5.696.136.634.73Strong Sell

39 (BMED) Blackrock Future Health ETF

BMED24.4325.1226.4520.59Strong Sell

40 (DFAW) Dimensional World Equity ETF

DFAW58.6859.7660.4247.04Strong Sell

41 (ZTWO) F/M 2-Year Investment Grade Co

ZTWO49.7949.9150.3149.69Strong Sell

42 (DARP) Grizzle Growth ETF

DARP31.1632.9832.9823.23Strong Sell

43 (JLQD) Janus Sustainable Corporate Bo

JLQD40.7441.2942.1737.86Strong Sell

44 (MOHR) Mohr Growth ETF

MOHR21.1821.7222.0517.32Strong Sell

45 (STCE) Schwab Crypto Thematic ETF

STCE35.2537.9441.8218.33Strong Sell

46 (GLDB) Strategy Shares Gold-Hedged Bo

GLDB21.8622.6223.0917.12Strong Sell

47 (SSY) Sunlink Health Systems

SSY0.590.761.050.53Strong Sell

48 (FXF) Swiss Franc Trust Currencyshar

FXF98.54100.76106.7596.27Strong Sell

49 (LEXI) Alexis Practical Tactical ETF

LEXI28.8729.4129.4123.12Strong Sell

50 (AXIL) Axil Brands Inc

AXIL7.7710.1214.007.77Strong Sell

51 (RHCB) BNY Mellon Responsible Horizon

RHCB45.2845.7646.5842.24Strong Sell

52 (BHB) Bar Harbor Bankshares

BHB24.5426.5030.3723.16Strong Sell

53 (DRW) DRW

DRW17.0917.6318.5014.54Strong Sell

54 (QTUM) Defiance Quantum ETF

QTUM62.2364.6064.6044.32Strong Sell

55 (ESP) Espey Mfg. & Electronics

ESP20.2023.4127.3214.69Strong Sell

56 (COAL) Global Coal Index ETF

COAL23.5124.7525.7922.03Strong Sell

57 (APRH) Innovator Premium Income 20 Ba

APRH24.8525.0125.2624.15Strong Sell

58 (IDAT) Ishares Cloud 5G and Tech ETF

IDAT30.3631.9031.9021.81Strong Sell

59 (PJBF) PGIM Jennison Better Future ET

PJBF59.4262.1562.1548.29Strong Sell

60 (CTEX) Proshares S&P Kensho Cleantech

CTEX22.9425.0836.1219.80Strong Sell


SULR27.8129.1432.2923.25Strong Sell

62 (BLOK) Transformational Data Sharing

BLOK34.1236.7537.2119.00Strong Sell

63 (IQDG) Wisdomtree Intl Quality Div Gr

IQDG37.1838.0938.6530.51Strong Sell

64 (YMAG) Yieldmax Magnificent 7 Option

YMAG20.3021.2521.2518.56Strong Sell

65 (GVIP) GS Hedge Industry Vip ETF

GVIP109.56112.14112.1481.73Strong Sell

66 (LOUP) Innovator Deepwater Frontier T

LOUP46.0047.9549.2332.97Strong Sell

67 (OCTH) Innovator Premium Income 20 Ba

OCTH24.4024.5224.7023.65Strong Sell

68 (PJFM) PGIM Jennison Focused Mid-Cap

PJFM51.5152.4454.0549.34Strong Sell

69 (PCRB) Putnam ESG Core Bond ETF

PCRB47.8448.6249.5745.53Strong Sell

70 (RLGT) Radiant Logistics

RLGT5.065.397.764.83Strong Sell

71 (SPWO) SP Funds Trust SP Funds S&P Wo

SPWO21.9022.4722.8219.35Strong Sell

72 (SRHR) Srh REIT Covered Call ETF

SRHR53.7955.7059.7551.74Strong Sell

73 (EWL) Switzerland Ishares MSCI ETF

EWL47.6749.5050.6341.55Strong Sell

74 (FCUS) Tidal Pinnacle Focused Opportu

FCUS27.6028.7329.4319.81Strong Sell

75 (NVDY) Yieldmax Nvda Option Income St

NVDY28.3631.7731.7719.62Strong Sell

76 (AVDS) Avantis International Small Ca

AVDS52.5753.7254.4343.94Strong Sell

77 (AVRE) Avantis Real Estate ETF

AVRE40.8642.1943.9535.03Strong Sell

78 (YJUN) FT CBOE Vest International

YJUN21.4222.7122.7119.20Strong Sell

79 (SXUS) Janus International Sustainabl

SXUS17.9918.4418.7314.58Strong Sell

80 (BILD) Macquarie Global Listed Infras

BILD25.0226.2126.9523.96Strong Sell

81 (FPAG) Northern Lights Fund Trust III

FPAG29.1129.7830.2022.53Strong Sell

82 (PAB) PGIM Active Aggregate Bond ETF

PAB41.0641.6142.6439.12Strong Sell

83 (SPYD) SPDR S&P 500 High Dividend Por

SPYD39.3840.7041.5832.88Strong Sell

84 (MOTO) Smartetfs Smart Transport & Te

MOTO44.0545.0045.5935.47Strong Sell

85 (FWD) Ab Disruptors ETF

FWD74.9678.1578.1549.47Strong Sell

86 (CMCL) Caledonia Mining Cp

CMCL9.4410.5613.558.91Strong Sell

87 (CBSE) Changebridge Capital Sustainab

CBSE29.5130.3630.8920.99Strong Sell

88 (SEMI) Columbia Seligman Semiconducto

SEMI26.8628.6228.6217.24Strong Sell

89 (CIK) Credit Suisse Asset Management

CIK2.933.043.192.50Strong Sell

90 (PSI) Dynamic Semiconductors Invesco

PSI60.2965.3465.3437.34Strong Sell

91 (GAMR) ETFMG Video Game Tech ETF

GAMR59.0762.3664.6250.04Strong Sell


FLQH32.2333.1533.1526.60Strong Sell

93 (FFLC) Fidelity New Millennium ETF

FFLC42.5744.0844.0831.14Strong Sell

94 (IQM) Franklin Intelligent Machines

IQM61.2965.1265.1241.08Strong Sell

95 (GBUY) GS Future Consumer Equity ETF

GBUY32.4933.5633.5624.20Strong Sell

96 (GINN) Goldman Sachs Innovate Equity

GINN55.9957.3757.3743.43Strong Sell

97 (EMSF) Matthews Emerging Markets Sust

EMSF25.8326.7827.3623.56Strong Sell

98 (SHPP) Pacer Industrials and Logistic

SHPP26.2527.0128.0723.00Strong Sell

99 (BUL) Pacer US Cash Cows Growth ETF

BUL42.2943.4943.4933.37Strong Sell

100 (XTL) S&P 500 Telecom Sector SPDR

XTL74.5578.0080.8064.09Strong Sell
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