NYSE Nasdq AMEX 100 Stocks Rankings



Top 100 Stock Rankings

NYSE Nasdq AMEX 100 Stocks Rankings


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Company Name Ticker Support Resist 52 Week
52 Week

1 (DJUL) FT U.S. Equity Deep Buffer ETF

DJUL39.6340.0340.2733.16Strong Sell

2 (CSHI) Neos Enhanced Income Cash Alte

CSHI49.7349.9050.2449.71Strong Sell

3 (OARK) Yieldmax Innovation Option Inc

OARK10.4510.9417.6510.43Strong Sell

4 (SSY) Sunlink Health Systems

SSY0.700.891.050.53Strong Sell

5 (FJUL) FT U.S. Equity Buffer ETF July

FJUL45.8846.4346.7737.25Strong Sell

6 (PSEP) Innovator U.S. Equity Power Bu

PSEP37.3737.6237.7731.62Strong Sell

7 (HYIN) Wisdomtree Alternative Income

HYIN18.8019.6319.6316.36Strong Sell

8 (RORO) Atac US Rotation ETF

RORO16.8917.5418.8514.59Strong Sell

9 (IVVW) Ishares S&P 500 Buywrite ETF

IVVW49.3550.1050.7048.10Strong Sell

10 (ACTV) Leadershares Activist Leaders

ACTV31.4633.1035.2127.29Strong Sell

11 (NML) Neuberger Berman Energy Infra

NML7.778.158.156.30Strong Sell

12 (NEN) New England Realty Associates

NEN67.5069.9773.7264.00Strong Sell

13 (IVOG) S&P Midcap 400 Growth ETF Vang

IVOG108.00113.19116.3984.56Strong Sell

14 (RMIF) Solutions Lha Risk-Managed Inc

RMIF25.0925.3025.3624.29Strong Sell

15 (NVBT) Aim U.S. Large Cap Buffer10 No

NVBT31.1831.3731.3726.35Strong Sell

16 (ARKF) Ark Fintech Innovation ETF

ARKF27.0328.6630.9917.37Strong Sell

17 (BCV) Bancroft Convertible Fund

BCV15.2015.9417.9614.09Strong Sell

18 (FAUG) FT U.S. Equity Buffer ETF Augu

FAUG44.1244.4444.4436.32Strong Sell

19 (DAUG) FT U.S. Equity Deep Buffer ETF

DAUG37.8638.0338.0332.28Strong Sell

20 (GFOF) Grayscale Future of Finance ET

GFOF18.2121.0022.7210.28Strong Sell

21 (XBOC) Innovator U.S. Equity Acc 9 Bu

XBOC29.2529.3929.3925.59Strong Sell

22 (UNOV) Innovator U.S. Equity Ultra Bu

UNOV33.3333.4833.4829.07Strong Sell

23 (USEP) Innovator U.S. Equity Ultra Bu

USEP33.6833.8733.9928.61Strong Sell

24 (NHS) Neuberger Berman High Yield St

NHS7.888.098.406.95Strong Sell

25 (SECT) Northern IV Main Sector Rotati

SECT50.5852.1053.0440.19Strong Sell

26 (IJK) S&P Midcap 400 Growth Ishares

IJK86.8891.0193.5667.63Strong Sell

27 (RFG) S&P Midcap 400 Pure Growth Inv

RFG47.9350.2051.6136.75Strong Sell

28 (MDYG) S&P Midcap Growth ETF SPDR

MDYG82.9286.8689.3064.67Strong Sell

29 (UMI) Uscf Midstream Energy Income F

UMI41.9143.7443.7433.56Strong Sell

30 (FAX) Abrdn Asia-Pacific Income Fund

FAX2.712.862.862.33Strong Sell

31 (CGDG) Capital Group Dividend Grower

CGDG28.3729.0829.5224.01Strong Sell

32 (CGMS) Capital Group U.S. Multi-Secto

CGMS27.1427.6227.6225.00Strong Sell

33 (PEJ) Dynamic Leisure and Entertainm

PEJ44.3045.8346.7834.90Strong Sell

34 (ICAP) Infracap Equity Income Fund ET

ICAP25.2126.6326.6320.70Strong Sell

35 (QTOC) Innovator Growth Accelerated P

QTOC27.4827.6127.6121.81Strong Sell

36 (UOCT) Innovator U.S. Equity Ultra Bu

UOCT34.2834.4534.4529.86Strong Sell

37 (NBCC) Neuberger Next Generation Conn

NBCC22.5623.0423.4319.50Strong Sell

38 (WEEL) Peerless Option Income Wheel E

WEEL20.1220.4420.6319.75Strong Sell

39 (EPHE) Philippines Ishares MSCI ETF

EPHE24.1025.6928.0723.12Strong Sell

40 (CSMD) Professionally Congress Smid G

CSMD28.3029.7230.5922.30Strong Sell

41 (SDCP) Virtus Newfleet Short Duration

SDCP25.6625.7925.9125.33Strong Sell

42 (WBIG) WBI Largecap Growth Shares ETF

WBIG23.7524.3925.4920.93Strong Sell

43 (DWMF) Wisdomtree International Multi

DWMF26.4527.2227.2223.82Strong Sell

44 (DECW) Aim U.S. Large Cap Buffer20 De

DECW29.6229.7929.8925.34Strong Sell

45 (AMLP) Alps Alerian MLP ETF

AMLP47.3149.4449.4440.03Strong Sell

46 (ARKW) Ark Next Generation Internet E

ARKW74.9880.9785.0049.92Strong Sell

47 (ARKX) Ark Space Exploration & Innova

ARKX14.7215.4815.9512.64Strong Sell

48 (BKMC) BNY Mellon US Mid Cap Core Equ

BKMC92.7697.0799.7474.82Strong Sell

49 (ATMP) Barclays Plus Select MLP ETN

ATMP25.1226.4726.4719.92Strong Sell

50 (BWEB) Bitwise Web3 ETF

BWEB43.6146.6149.7929.33Strong Sell

51 (CVRT) Calamos Convertible Equity Alt

CVRT26.3827.5428.2522.82Strong Sell

52 (CGDV) Capital Dividend Value ETF

CGDV33.5334.6134.6125.47Strong Sell

53 (CBSE) Changebridge Capital Sustainab

CBSE30.0031.6832.7220.99Strong Sell

54 (RWO) DJ Global Real Estate ETF SPDR

RWO42.1844.5144.5235.60Strong Sell


RWR94.48100.26100.2676.73Strong Sell

56 (DFGR) Dimensional Global Real Estate

DFGR25.4126.8426.8421.10Strong Sell

57 (FMDE) Fidelity Enhanced Mid Cap ETF

FMDE29.1530.1930.8424.82Strong Sell


MLPA48.1250.1050.1042.50Strong Sell

59 (EXI) Global Industrials Ishares ETF

EXI134.23139.15142.19106.39Strong Sell

60 (REET) Global REIT Ishares ETF

REET23.6525.0125.0119.69Strong Sell

61 (BOUT) Innovator Ibd Breakout Opportu

BOUT34.4435.9336.8528.58Strong Sell

62 (XTOC) Innovator U.S. Equity Acc Plus

XTOC28.2528.4128.4123.80Strong Sell

63 (UAUG) Innovator U.S. Equity Ultra Bu

UAUG33.5833.9033.9028.04Strong Sell

64 (ERTH) Invesco MSCI Sustainable Futur

ERTH40.8943.2952.8538.72Strong Sell

65 (BBRE) JPM Betabuilders MSCI U.S. REI

BBRE89.0394.2994.2972.24Strong Sell

66 (VOT) Midcap Growth ETF Vanguard

VOT227.65235.04239.61179.43Strong Sell

67 (NBOS) Neuberger Berman Option Strate

NBOS26.0226.3126.4825.11Strong Sell

68 (PPTY) Ppty U.S. Diversified Real Est

PPTY30.6732.3232.3224.79Strong Sell

69 (FRI) S&P REIT Index

FRI26.1027.6227.6221.21Strong Sell

70 (SCHM) Schwab U.S. Mid Cap ETF

SCHM76.9080.2082.2462.87Strong Sell

71 (VBK) Smallcap Growth ETF Vanguard

VBK245.74259.68268.30195.63Strong Sell

72 (USRT) US REIT Ishares Core ETF

USRT54.4057.7857.7843.76Strong Sell

73 (UXI) Ultra Industrials 2X ETF

UXI31.0033.6335.2920.68Strong Sell

74 (PRNT) 3D Printing ETF

PRNT20.0621.3824.7217.44Strong Sell

75 (NVBW) Aim U.S. Large Cap Buffer20 No

NVBW29.7929.9329.9326.34Strong Sell

76 (ENFR) Alerian Energy Infrastructure

ENFR26.4527.7727.7721.06Strong Sell

77 (EMFQ) Amplify International Online R

EMFQ21.2722.5023.8518.43Strong Sell

78 (AVSD) Avantis Responsible Internatio

AVSD55.3557.2058.3546.19Strong Sell

79 (RINC) Axs Real Estate Income ETF

RINC23.4425.3826.6920.75Strong Sell

80 (TACK) Capitol Fairlead Tactical Sect

TACK25.7426.4226.8322.23Strong Sell

81 (CWB) Convertible Secs Barclays Capi

CWB72.3274.3074.3064.56Strong Sell

82 (HYTR) Cp High Yield Trend ETF

HYTR21.4921.7621.7620.17Strong Sell

83 (XNOV) FT CBOE Vest U.S. Equity ETF -

XNOV33.0833.2633.2630.68Strong Sell

84 (DNOV) FT U.S. Equity Deep Buffer ETF

DNOV41.3041.5841.7634.03Strong Sell

85 (QDEF) Flexshares Quality Div Def Fun

QDEF65.3266.9567.9552.35Strong Sell

86 (MLPX) GX MLP & Energy Infrastructure

MLPX50.9353.8153.8140.38Strong Sell

87 (DBEH) IM Dbi Hedge Strategy ETF

DBEH26.6527.4127.8925.61Strong Sell

88 (BNOV) Innovator U.S. Equity Buffer E

BNOV37.1837.4637.6431.30Strong Sell

89 (RISN) Inspire Tactical Balanced ESG

RISN25.5226.2926.8921.68Strong Sell

90 (SATO) Invesco Alerian Galaxy Crypto

SATO15.1317.5218.997.15Strong Sell

91 (JPIN) JPM Dvsd Rtns Intl Equity ETF

JPIN55.0056.6957.7448.28Strong Sell

92 (LSAF) Leadershares Alphafactor US Co

LSAF37.3838.8339.7230.10Strong Sell

93 (PSCQ) Pacer Swan Sos Conservative [O

PSCQ25.6825.8025.8022.12Strong Sell

94 (MFDX) Pimco RAFI Multi-Factor Intl E

MFDX30.3431.1531.2025.59Strong Sell

95 (IWP) Russell Midcap Growth Ishares

IWP109.22113.06115.4385.24Strong Sell

96 (XITK) SPDR Factset Innovative Techno

XITK140.58150.07155.93110.63Strong Sell

97 (SPRE) SPDR S&P Global REIT Sharia ET

SPRE19.8521.0121.0116.19Strong Sell

98 (SFYX) Sofi Next 500 ETF

SFYX13.1013.7314.1310.79Strong Sell

99 (SAMM) Strategas Macro Momentum ETF

SAMM24.8025.6426.1723.76Strong Sell

100 (TSME) Thrivent Small-Mid Cap ESG Etd

TSME32.9235.0336.4025.37Strong Sell
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