NYSE Nasdq AMEX 100 Stocks Rankings



Top 100 Stock Rankings

NYSE Nasdq AMEX 100 Stocks Rankings


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Company Name Ticker Support Resist 52 Week
52 Week

1 (ATXS) Astri Therapeutics Inc

ATXS9.049.7716.904.26Strong Buy

2 (AADI) Aadi Biosciences Inc

AADI1.541.808.131.54Strong Buy

3 (HRMY) Harmony Biosciences Holdings I

HRMY29.3330.5739.2618.61Strong Buy

4 (ANEB) Anebulo Pharmaceuticals Inc

ANEB2.252.824.051.62Strong Buy

5 (MINM) Minim Inc

MINM2.764.0210.280.60Strong Buy

6 (NVX) Novonix Ltd ADR

NVX1.692.183.101.40Strong Buy

7 (WFCF) Where Food Comes From Inc

WFCF12.2813.1014.7710.00Strong Buy

8 (ACAD) Acadia Pharmaceutica

ACAD15.1016.0033.9914.55Strong Buy

9 (BFIN) Bankfinancial Corp

BFIN9.7110.3211.127.88Strong Buy

10 (DAIO) Data I O Cp

DAIO2.642.924.802.64Strong Buy

11 (EVBG) Everbridge Inc

EVBG34.6835.6936.3118.50Strong Buy

12 (ASRV) Ameriserv Financial

ASRV2.312.673.402.25Strong Buy

13 (ABIO) Arca Biopharma Inc

ABIO2.903.884.491.56Strong Buy

14 (CVCY) Central Vly Cmty Bcp

CVCY16.9317.9924.4713.55Strong Buy

15 (CYTH) Cyclo Therapeutics Inc

CYTH1.261.492.120.89Strong Buy

16 (LINK) Interlink Electronics Inc

LINK4.004.9311.494.00Strong Buy

17 (LOAN) Manhattan Bridge

LOAN5.135.355.354.27Strong Buy

18 (MAT) Mattel Inc

MAT16.9018.1322.6416.20Strong Buy

19 (AMLX) Amylyx Pharmaceuticals Inc

AMLX1.701.9025.481.58Strong Buy

20 (BYU) Baiyu Holdings Inc

BYU1.041.2457.001.04Strong Buy

21 (DBX) Dropbox Inc

DBX20.6822.7133.4320.68Strong Buy

22 (FTLF) Fitlife Brands Inc

FTLF30.2035.0035.0015.05Strong Buy

23 (INVE) Identiv Inc

INVE4.014.429.264.01Strong Buy

24 (NN) Nextnav Inc

NN6.997.949.502.77Strong Buy

25 (QLGN) Qualigen Therapeutics Inc

QLGN0. Buy

26 (VKTX) Viking Thera

VKTX48.2065.9399.418.28Strong Buy

27 (CPRX) Catalyst Pharm Inc

CPRX14.7616.1217.5011.55Strong Buy

28 (ELYS) Elys Game Tech Corp

ELYS0.130.170.770.11Strong Buy

29 (IMMP) Immutep Ltd ADR

IMMP2.453.003.341.58Strong Buy

30 (MHLD) Maiden Holdings Ltd

MHLD2.032.232.551.19Strong Buy

31 (MNOV) Medicinova Inc

MNOV1.351.472.661.26Strong Buy

32 (NXPL) Nextplat Corp

NXPL1. Buy

33 (WCLD) Wisdomtree Cloud Computing Fun

WCLD29.6332.0437.3426.42Strong Buy

34 (TEAM) Atlassian Corp

TEAM152.34171.92258.69152.34Strong Buy

35 (CBNK) Capital Bancorp Inc

CBNK19.4520.4025.0015.00Strong Buy

36 (HFBL) Home Federal Bancorp Inc

HFBL11.0111.6416.5010.60Strong Buy

37 (LAMR) Lamar Advertis A

LAMR112.90118.59122.2277.21Strong Buy

38 (UPWK) Upwork Inc

UPWK10.1011.5216.368.49Strong Buy

39 (WRNT) Warrantee Inc ADR

WRNT0.300.395.850.25Strong Buy

40 (WVVI) Willamette Valley

WVVI4.044.366.593.85Strong Buy

41 (ALT) Altimmune Inc

ALT5.648.0314.842.09Strong Buy

42 (ANAB) Anaptysbio Inc

ANAB22.2724.4727.5013.36Strong Buy

43 (DRIO) Dario Health Corp

DRIO1.001.574.260.68Strong Buy

44 (INGN) Inogen Inc

INGN7.118.5111.984.13Strong Buy

45 (LPSN) Liveperson Inc

LPSN0.520.716.410.45Strong Buy

46 (MRSN) Mersana Therapeutics Inc

MRSN2.002.496.280.80Strong Buy

47 (MTC) Mmtec Inc

MTC0.317.5212.900.31Strong Buy

48 (NBBK) Nb Bancorp Inc

NBBK14.2115.3516.0513.10Strong Buy

49 (NTRP) Nexttrip Inc

NTRP1.482.299.401.48Strong Buy

50 (PYPD) Polypid Ltd

PYPD3.794.3812.303.57Strong Buy

51 (PINC) Premier Inc Cl A

PINC17.9519.1628.3017.95Strong Buy

52 (QLYS) Qualys Inc

QLYS131.07143.33206.35122.53Strong Buy

53 (SHCR) Sharecare Inc Cl A

SHCR0.991.381.800.48Strong Buy

54 (SMPL) The Simply Good Foods Company

SMPL35.7437.6643.0030.00Strong Buy

55 (TGAN) Transphorm Inc

TGAN4.875.105.101.94Strong Buy

56 (VBIV) Vbi Vaccines Inc CS

VBIV0.560.633.470.45Strong Buy

57 (VFF) Village Farms Intl

VFF0.951.281.620.55Strong Buy

58 (YOSH) Yoshiharu Global Company Cl A

YOSH3.604.6413.862.96Strong Buy

59 (ALLO) Allogene Therapeutics Inc

ALLO2.182.726.052.18Strong Buy

60 (ALLT) Allot Communications

ALLT2.022.223.341.19Strong Buy

61 (ASTC) Astrotech Corp

ASTC9.239.9015.117.00Strong Buy

62 (BRID) Bridgford Foods Cp

BRID9.8610.2412.789.86Strong Buy

63 (SMRI) Bushido Capital US Equity ETF

SMRI28.3228.9129.7123.54Strong Buy

64 (EVLO) Evelo Biosciences Inc

EVLO0.020.0613.930.00Strong Buy

65 (EXLS) Exlservice Holdings

EXLS29.6731.4133.4025.17Strong Buy

66 (FLIC) First of Long Isla

FLIC9.3010.2114.269.30Strong Buy

67 (GAMB) Gambling.com Group Ltd

GAMB7.818.3014.837.51Strong Buy

68 (INDV) Indivior Plc

INDV15.8017.5224.9014.38Strong Buy

69 (NRDS) Nerdwallet Inc Cl A

NRDS13.4414.2017.306.38Strong Buy

70 (NXST) Nexstar Media Group Inc

NXST147.25163.78187.32132.30Strong Buy

71 (SNSE) Sensei Biotherapeutics Inc

SNSE0.581.251.940.51Strong Buy

72 (TENB) Tenable Holdings Inc

TENB38.3742.2853.5033.85Strong Buy

73 (TWKS) Thoughtworks Holding Inc

TWKS2.883.297.972.19Strong Buy

74 (TRMD) Torm Plc Cl A

TRMD33.9036.7538.5122.31Strong Buy

75 (PCVX) Vaxcyte Inc

PCVX70.5776.0082.0444.20Strong Buy

76 (VTRS) Viatris Inc

VTRS9.9310.7413.628.74Strong Buy

77 (ZI) Zoominfo Technologies Inc Cl A

ZI11.7212.9330.1611.67Strong Buy

78 (ALRM) Alarm.com

ALRM60.5367.1677.2948.01Strong Buy

79 (AREB) American Rebel Holdings

AREB0.540.936.490.21Strong Buy

80 (ATRO) Astronics Cp

ATRO17.7220.2622.4414.11Strong Buy

81 (CDMO) Avid Bioservices Inc

CDMO6.538.5914.334.07Strong Buy

82 (CSGS) C S G Sys Intl

CSGS39.5642.2469.3539.56Strong Buy

83 (DXR) Daxor Corp

DXR8.599.4610.157.11Strong Buy

84 (DXPE) Dxp Enterprise

DXPE45.4049.6457.3828.70Strong Buy

85 (NVNO) Envveno Medical Corp

NVNO4.605.106.972.65Strong Buy

86 (FRSH) Freshworks Inc Cl A

FRSH11.9013.3424.9811.90Strong Buy

87 (GCBC) Greene County Bncp

GCBC30.6533.3236.7822.34Strong Buy

88 (IRWD) Ironwood Pharmaceuti

IRWD5.476.3715.705.47Strong Buy

89 (MQ) Marqeta Inc Cl A

MQ4.955.547.364.62Strong Buy

90 (MLKN) Millerknoll Inc

MLKN24.7327.3331.3313.99Strong Buy

91 (MDB) Mongodb Inc Cl A

MDB214.74316.29509.62214.74Strong Buy

92 (NTCT) Netscout Systems

NTCT17.1019.8031.4217.10Strong Buy

93 (NTRS) Northern Trust Corp

NTRS79.6884.0589.2562.44Strong Buy

94 (NVEE) Nv5 Global

NVEE91.3196.24115.0188.26Strong Buy

95 (PKBK) Parke Bancorp Inc

PKBK15.3016.4920.8715.16Strong Buy

96 (SCHL) Scholastic Cp

SCHL33.2936.0945.9832.50Strong Buy

97 (OMIC) Singular Genomics Systems Inc

OMIC0.310.381.050.31Strong Buy

98 (UPC) Universe Pharmaceuticals Inc

UPC2.402.993.000.75Strong Buy

99 (CNET) Zw Data Action Tech Inc

CNET0.750.911.450.65Strong Buy

100 (ATSG) Air Transport

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