NYSE Nasdq AMEX 100 Stocks Rankings



Top 100 Stock Rankings

NYSE Nasdq AMEX 100 Stocks Rankings


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Company Name Ticker Support Resist 52 Week
52 Week

1 (CAPT) Captivision Inc

CAPT5.446.7512.001.15Strong Buy

2 (ATGL) Alpha Technology Group Limited

ATGL1.943.1531.571.94Strong Buy

3 (PLUS) Eplus Inc

PLUS76.3579.1283.5741.71Strong Buy

4 (QLYS) Qualys Inc

QLYS163.84169.48206.35107.00Strong Buy

5 (INMB) Inmune Bio Inc

INMB9.9012.4814.746.50Strong Buy

6 (MICS) Singing Machine Inc

MICS0.721.042.660.61Strong Buy

7 (LBPH) Longboard Pharmaceuticals Inc

LBPH16.5519.8628.153.60Strong Buy

8 (PDD) Pdd Holdings Inc

PDD110.65133.92152.9959.67Strong Buy

9 (SVMH) Srivaru Holding Limited

SVMH0.190.262.570.17Strong Buy

10 (FDMT) 4D Molecular Therapeutics Inc

FDMT24.3831.7236.259.44Strong Buy

11 (BYFC) Broadway Fin Cp

BYFC4.765.668.644.76Strong Buy

12 (MMSI) Merit Medical Sys

MMSI70.7074.2085.6262.58Strong Buy

13 (POET) Poet Technologies Inc

POET1.001.335.880.72Strong Buy

14 (ASRT) Assertio Therapeutics Inc

ASRT0.750.988.010.75Strong Buy

15 (ICG) Intchains Group Limited ADR

ICG8.028.9914.225.81Strong Buy

16 (PRE) Prenetics Global Limited Class

PRE2.854.1215.902.85Strong Buy

17 (AMPL) Amplitude Inc Cl A

AMPL9.3510.8814.428.50Strong Buy

18 (ALOT) Astronova Inc

ALOT16.7918.0018.8311.79Strong Buy

19 (CARM) Carisma Therapeutics Inc

CARM1.532.239.771.53Strong Buy

20 (PFX) Phenixfin Corp Pr

PFX43.7245.4845.5032.00Strong Buy

21 (DRIO) Dario Health Corp

DRIO1.051.434.580.68Strong Buy

22 (FDNI) FT DJ International Internet E

FDNI22.4223.4025.4519.11Strong Buy

23 (FCCO) First Community Corp

FCCO15.4017.3122.0015.40Strong Buy

24 (HSIC) Henry Schein Inc

HSIC69.4873.6085.3960.01Strong Buy

25 (MOBQ) Mobiquity Technologies Inc

MOBQ0.751.135.400.10Strong Buy

26 (SEED) Origin Agritech Ltd

SEED2.903.706.961.37Strong Buy

27 (TRNS) Transcat Inc

TRNS108.16114.67115.4174.89Strong Buy

28 (URBN) Urban Outfitters Inc

URBN36.3242.1147.2925.52Strong Buy

29 (VRTX) Vertex Pharmaceutic

VRTX391.01409.82448.40316.43Strong Buy

30 (GTIM) Good Times Rest

GTIM2.502.703.572.15Strong Buy

31 (IRMD) Iradimed Cp

IRMD40.1843.1551.0436.12Strong Buy

32 (KZR) Kezar Life Sciences Inc

KZR0.750.933.130.67Strong Buy

33 (MNTS) Momentus Inc

MNTS0.460.6427.300.35Strong Buy

34 (SUGP) Su Group Holdings Limited

SUGP1.832.685.861.83Strong Buy

35 (TAIT) Taitron Components

TAIT3.123.234.323.05Strong Buy

36 (HYZD) Wisdomtree Int Rate HI Yld Bon

HYZD21.7322.0822.3020.10Strong Buy

37 (AXSM) Axsome Thera

AXSM65.5076.8798.4055.02Strong Buy

38 (BWMX) Betterware DE Mexico Sapi DE C

BWMX18.0120.0321.289.77Strong Buy

39 (DAVE) Dave Inc

DAVE34.6341.7543.994.47Strong Buy

40 (FBLG) Fibrobiologics Inc

FBLG10.3812.6219.606.53Strong Buy

41 (HIBB) Hibbett Inc

HIBB70.3477.4883.0034.86Strong Buy

42 (MTTR) Matterport Inc

MTTR2.984.994.991.73Strong Buy

43 (NKGN) Nkgen Biotech Inc

NKGN0.822.225.500.78Strong Buy

44 (ODDS) Pacer Bluestar Digital Enterta

ODDS20.0921.3322.1017.07Strong Buy

45 (PNFP) Pinnacle Finl Ptnrs

PNFP77.8283.2892.3343.31Strong Buy

46 (PPSI) Pioneer Pwr Sol

PPSI3.615.339.843.61Strong Buy

47 (SMLR) Semler Scientific

SMLR25.2529.3853.3822.82Strong Buy

48 (SDIG) Stronghold Digital Mining Inc

SDIG2.734.4811.601.65Strong Buy

49 (STKL) Sunopta Inc

STKL5.796.538.562.79Strong Buy

50 (TRVI) Trevi Therapeutics Inc

TRVI2.353.374.000.97Strong Buy

51 (WINT) Windtree Therapeutics Inc

WINT2.445.955.950.27Strong Buy

52 (ZIVO) Zivo Bioscience

ZIVO7.608.8919.080.48Strong Buy

53 (ACNB) Acnb Corp

ACNB33.5637.9848.5527.00Strong Buy

54 (AFRM) Affirm Holdings Inc Cl A

AFRM29.5835.6452.488.80Strong Buy

55 (ADP) Automatic Data Procs

ADP244.12251.23256.84201.46Strong Buy

56 (CPBI) Central Plains Bancshares Inc

CPBI10.0910.2910.878.91Strong Buy

57 (CIFR) Cipher Mining Inc

CIFR4.245.755.751.76Strong Buy

58 (CYTH) Cyclo Therapeutics Inc

CYTH1.111.532.570.68Strong Buy

59 (DH) Definitive Healthcare Corp Cl

DH6.927.8012.455.53Strong Buy

60 (TRDA) Entrada Therapeutics Inc

TRDA11.8113.4818.4410.62Strong Buy

61 (KBWB) KBW Bank Invesco ETF

KBWB51.0353.7953.7936.19Strong Buy

62 (MOND) Mondee Holdings Cl A

MOND2.192.5113.201.92Strong Buy

63 (OPI) Office Properties Income Trust

OPI1.812.148.801.81Strong Buy

64 (PRGS) Progress Software

PRGS49.0052.0362.3449.00Strong Buy

65 (ROIC) Retail Opp Invts Cp

ROIC11.8812.5315.1710.99Strong Buy

66 (ROP) Roper Industries

ROP525.67549.98565.00430.03Strong Buy

67 (TCBC) Tc Bancshares Inc

TCBC13.7114.1815.3312.35Strong Buy

68 (QURE) Uniqure N.V.

QURE4.615.1522.484.61Strong Buy

69 (DAPP) Vaneck Digital Transformation

DAPP8.3610.7712.454.78Strong Buy

70 (BANX) Arrowmark Financial Corp

BANX18.0118.9119.5013.80Strong Buy

71 (BILI) Bilibili Inc ADR

BILI11.1912.5120.608.80Strong Buy

72 (BLFS) Biolife Solutions

BLFS14.8417.5224.508.92Strong Buy

73 (BJDX) Bluejay Diagnostics Inc

BJDX0.470.7213.980.47Strong Buy

74 (BPMC) Blueprint Medicines Corp

BPMC84.3392.16101.0043.89Strong Buy

75 (CCD) Calams Dy Cnv IN

CCD20.6921.8024.6816.93Strong Buy

76 (MCHI) China Ishares MSCI ETF

MCHI39.5740.7649.9435.58Strong Buy

77 (EXPE) Expedia Group Inc

EXPE127.84135.29160.0587.94Strong Buy

78 (NFTY) FT India Nifty 50 EW ETF

NFTY56.2057.9558.2543.20Strong Buy

79 (FDIG) Fidelity Crypto Industry Digit

FDIG22.7127.7932.8714.85Strong Buy

80 (FA) First Advantage Corp

FA15.3116.3217.4912.10Strong Buy

81 (FHB) First Hawaiian Inc

FHB21.0322.1923.2215.08Strong Buy

82 (FULT) Fulton Financial Cor

FULT14.6816.0017.069.64Strong Buy

83 (BITS) GX Blockchain & Bitcoin Strate

BITS57.4668.3075.0630.97Strong Buy

84 (HTBI) Hometrust Bancshares

HTBI23.5526.0230.9918.02Strong Buy

85 (HURN) Huron Consulting

HURN90.0294.75113.3170.66Strong Buy

86 (MDXH) Mdxhealth Sa ADR

MDXH2.212.824.640.35Strong Buy

87 (MDXG) Mimedx Group Inc

MDXG6.107.549.273.49Strong Buy

88 (MRCC) Monroe Capital Corp

MRCC7.007.278.856.69Strong Buy

89 (NVOS) Novo Integrated Sciences Inc

NVOS0.420.565.380.42Strong Buy

90 (NVCT) Nuvectis Pharma Inc

NVCT6.309.7518.656.20Strong Buy

91 (PTMN) Portman Ridge Finance Corp

PTMN18.8819.6521.2016.27Strong Buy

92 (PMD) Psychemedics

PMD2.512.895.592.06Strong Buy

93 (RRBI) Red River Bancshares Inc

RRBI46.8050.5058.0043.50Strong Buy

94 (REG) Regency Centers Corp

REG58.1860.8968.4754.72Strong Buy

95 (RFEU) Riverfront Dyn Europe ETF FT

RFEU62.6164.5665.7654.85Strong Buy

96 (EDTK) Skillful Craftsman Education T

EDTK0.900.982.000.75Strong Buy

97 (DXYN) The Dixie Group

DXYN0.470.611.360.46Strong Buy

98 (PNTG) The Pennant Group Inc

PNTG19.3421.0621.0610.31Strong Buy

99 (TBLT) Toughbuilt Industries Inc

TBLT2.593.3570.852.12Strong Buy

100 (TRIN) Trinity Capital Inc

TRIN14.4115.1515.4411.32Strong Buy
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