NYSE Nasdq AMEX 100 Stocks Rankings



Top 100 Stock Rankings

NYSE Nasdq AMEX 100 Stocks Rankings


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Company Name Ticker Support Resist 52 Week
52 Week

1 (JG) Aurora Mobile Ltd ADR

JG2.903.186.201.85Strong Sell

2 (BTBT) Bit Digital Inc

BTBT2.452.935.271.76Strong Sell

3 (DGHI) Digihost Technology Inc

DGHI1.231.462.540.82Strong Sell

4 (GREE) Greenidge Generations Hldgs In

GREE2.413.149.262.17Strong Sell

5 (LNTH) Lantheus Holdings

LNTH77.1081.5492.8750.20Strong Sell

6 (BITS) GX Blockchain & Bitcoin Strate

BITS67.7573.7875.0631.74Strong Sell

7 (BKCH) GX Blockchain ETF

BKCH47.7656.4657.6721.20Strong Sell

8 (CARZ) Nasdaq Global Auto Index Fund

CARZ57.9859.4160.3046.26Strong Sell

9 (BLCN) Siren Nasdaq Nexgen Economy ET

BLCN24.8826.3328.5218.24Strong Sell

10 (DHC) Diversified Healthcare Trust

DHC2.272.733.961.65Strong Sell

11 (FDIG) Fidelity Crypto Industry Digit

FDIG27.2031.4932.8714.95Strong Sell

12 (PPTA) Perpetua Resources Corp

PPTA6. Sell

13 (DAPP) Vaneck Digital Transformation

DAPP11.0413.2313.234.97Strong Sell

14 (CBFV) Cb Financial Svc

CBFV20.7522.1427.0219.59Strong Sell

15 (PCAR) Paccar Inc

PCAR104.45108.25125.5078.58Strong Sell

16 (RVYL) Ryvyl Inc

RVYL1.181.8017.501.12Strong Sell

17 (SCRM) Screaming Eagle Acquisition Co

SCRM9.1511.4312.849.15Strong Sell

18 (TMDX) Transmedics Group Inc

TMDX136.45149.09149.0936.42Strong Sell

19 (WGMI) Valkyrie Bitcoin Miners ETF

WGMI18.5924.1724.178.50Strong Sell

20 (ECBK) ECB Bancorp Inc

ECBK12.2312.6813.639.82Strong Sell

21 (MYFW) First Western Financial Inc

MYFW16.3617.6222.0012.84Strong Sell

22 (QYLE) GX Nasdaq 100 ESG Covered Call

QYLE26.6827.2927.2924.36Strong Sell

23 (IMAQ) International Media Acquisitio

IMAQ11.4511.6412.5110.71Strong Sell

24 (ZVSA) Zyversa Therapeutics Inc

ZVSA3.944.81115.153.94Strong Sell

25 (AVAV) Aerovironment Inc

AVAV185.50209.29224.0089.14Strong Sell

26 (REFI) Chicago Atlantic Real Estate F

REFI15.5516.0017.6513.86Strong Sell

27 (PIZ) DWA Developed Markets Momentum

PIZ34.9535.8836.4527.16Strong Sell

28 (FPXI) FT Intl Equity Opportunities E

FPXI46.7547.7748.4036.02Strong Sell

29 (QYLD) GX Nasdaq-100 Covered Call ETF

QYLD17.5117.8518.1616.25Strong Sell

30 (IREN) Iris Energy Ltd

IREN8.7714.9514.952.79Strong Sell

31 (UMMA) Wahed Dow Jones Islamic World

UMMA24.1624.9625.4619.18Strong Sell

32 (WDC) Western Digital Cp

WDC71.2077.6081.5535.62Strong Sell

33 (APWC) Asia Pacific Wire & Cable

APWC1.431.622.361.20Strong Sell

34 (BMRN) Biomarin Pharmaceuticals

BMRN78.4386.1399.5673.68Strong Sell

35 (CVLG) Covenant Logistics Group Inc

CVLG45.3948.0557.5738.25Strong Sell

36 (ZZZ) Cyber Hornet S&P 500 and Bitco

ZZZ24.7225.3625.7520.16Strong Sell

37 (FBOT) Fidelity Disruptive Automation

FBOT26.0126.7827.2820.72Strong Sell

38 (FDIF) Fidelity Disruptors ETF

FDIF28.2229.0929.3121.33Strong Sell

39 (INVA) Innoviva Inc

INVA15.6916.5016.8612.22Strong Sell

40 (CART) Maplebear Inc [Instacart]

CART29.9532.9039.6022.13Strong Sell

41 (MDRR) Medalist Diversified REIT Inc

MDRR5.676.036.134.12Strong Sell

42 (MVBF) Mvb Financial Corp

MVBF17.5118.6127.2317.51Strong Sell

43 (RIOT) Riot Platforms Inc

RIOT8.8110.3720.657.80Strong Sell

44 (SGLY) Singularity Future Technology

SGLY4.225.388.002.00Strong Sell

45 (FSZ) Switzerland Alphadex Fund FT

FSZ65.2567.0469.3754.64Strong Sell

46 (BOTT) Themes Robotics & Automation E

BOTT26.6827.3227.7225.24Strong Sell

47 (PMTS) CPI Card Group

PMTS24.4127.4429.9412.65Strong Sell

48 (CLST) Catalyst Bancorp Inc

CLST11.4611.6312.7110.30Strong Sell

49 (CIFR) Cipher Mining Inc

CIFR3.575.005.892.15Strong Sell

50 (CCB) Coastal Financial Corp

CCB42.6444.7848.5035.67Strong Sell

51 (AFRI) Forafric Global Plc

AFRI10.5011.1112.009.63Strong Sell

52 (QRMI) GX Nasdaq 100 Risk Managed Inc

QRMI16.8517.1118.3816.49Strong Sell

53 (HIVE) Hive Digital Technologies Ltd

HIVE2.873.646.842.18Strong Sell

54 (KAVL) Kaival Brands Innovations Grou

KAVL1.035.5720.261.03Strong Sell

55 (NSSC) Napco Sec Tech Inc

NSSC47.9053.5953.5917.76Strong Sell

56 (PIII) P3 Health Partners Inc

PIII0.450.593.580.44Strong Sell

57 (QCOM) Qualcomm Inc

QCOM206.68230.63230.63104.33Strong Sell

58 (SBUX) Starbucks Corp

SBUX77.8983.43107.6671.80Strong Sell

59 (TXRH) Texas Roadhouse Inc

TXRH168.52174.05174.0591.06Strong Sell

60 (CHEF) The Chefs Warehouse

CHEF38.1039.7739.7717.29Strong Sell

61 (IBOT) Vaneck Robotics ETF

IBOT44.1345.7345.7332.49Strong Sell

62 (VRAX) Virax Biolabs Group Limited

VRAX0.752.024.300.60Strong Sell

63 (AUID) Authid Inc

AUID7.1810.3513.635.04Strong Sell

64 (PEZ) DWA Consumer Cyclicals Momentu

PEZ94.9699.3699.3658.93Strong Sell

65 (DUOT) Duos Technologies Group Inc

DUOT2.122.887.201.93Strong Sell

66 (ESOA) Energy Services Acquisition Co

ESOA5.897.489.492.66Strong Sell

67 (FPXE) FT Ipox Europe Equity Opportun

FPXE25.6526.2626.6419.25Strong Sell

68 (VINO) Gaucho Group Holdings Inc

VINO5.547.5573.703.89Strong Sell

69 (GLAD) Gladstone Cap Corp

GLAD22.3523.0023.0018.40Strong Sell

70 (GHSI) Guardion Health Sciences Inc

GHSI8.7410.3310.755.01Strong Sell

71 (JAZZ) Jazz Pharma Plc

JAZZ103.10110.60146.70103.01Strong Sell

72 (MU) Micron Technology

MU134.96157.54157.5460.50Strong Sell

73 (OMEX) Odyssey Marine Expl

OMEX4.455.575.572.85Strong Sell

74 (SLGL) Sol-Gel Technologies Ltd

SLGL0.690.884.050.63Strong Sell

75 (SWKH) Swk Holdings Corp

SWKH16.0017.0818.7515.26Strong Sell

76 (COCO) The Vita Coco Company Inc

COCO25.7829.1533.2919.41Strong Sell

77 (REIT) Alps Active REIT ETF

REIT24.6925.5926.7721.10Strong Sell

78 (AMAT) Applied Materials

AMAT224.39249.40249.40129.21Strong Sell

79 (BWFG) Bankwell Financial

BWFG23.6224.5430.8322.47Strong Sell

80 (USFI) Brandywineglobal U.S. Fixed In

USFI23.7324.1425.1622.61Strong Sell

81 (SLVO) CS X-Links Silver Share

SLVO79.8382.8184.6665.10Strong Sell

82 (CARG) Cargurus Inc Cl A

CARG24.5126.9026.9016.70Strong Sell

83 (CFBK) Central Fed Cp

CFBK18.5419.4422.0014.69Strong Sell

84 (ESPR) Esperion Theraptc

ESPR2.032.703.400.70Strong Sell

85 (FMNB) Farmers Natl Banc Cp

FMNB11.5612.3814.7510.38Strong Sell

86 (IVCA) Investcorp India Acquisition C

IVCA11.2611.6511.9010.67Strong Sell

87 (IBTO) Ishares Ibonds Dec 2033 Term T

IBTO23.5423.8925.1122.81Strong Sell

88 (JRVR) James River Gp HD

JRVR7.147.8719.076.35Strong Sell

89 (MARA) Marathon Digital Hldgs Inc

MARA17.6520.8734.097.16Strong Sell

90 (MIGI) Mawson Infrastructure Group In

MIGI1.351.904.400.43Strong Sell

91 (OPTN) Optinose Inc

OPTN1. Sell

92 (OXBR) Oxbridge Ord Shrs

OXBR2.122.902.900.87Strong Sell

93 (PTON) Peloton Interactive Inc

PTON3.404.189.872.70Strong Sell

94 (PRSO) Peraso Inc

PRSO1.171.4222.801.17Strong Sell

95 (RXRX) Recursion Pharmaceuticals Inc

RXRX8.229.3916.754.97Strong Sell

96 (REVB) Revelation Biosciences Inc

REVB1.942.4831.201.61Strong Sell

97 (SWBI) Smith & Wesson Brands Inc

SWBI14.0515.8118.0510.38Strong Sell

98 (SKRE) Tuttle Capital Daily 2X Invers

SKRE25.2629.0630.3622.58Strong Sell

99 (UHG) United Homes Group Inc

UHG5.126.7813.824.79Strong Sell

100 (XWEL) Xwell Inc

XWEL1.452.226.401.26Strong Sell
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