NYSE Nasdq AMEX 100 Stocks Rankings



Top 100 Stock Rankings

NYSE Nasdq AMEX 100 Stocks Rankings


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Company Name Ticker Support Resist 52 Week
52 Week

1 (AIF) Apollo Tactical Income Fund In

AIF14.6815.0115.4512.36Strong Sell

2 (GMRE) Global Medical REIT Inc

GMRE8.569.0811.597.98Strong Sell

3 (PKG) Packaging Corp of America

PKG181.65187.26191.27127.70Strong Sell

4 (PAY) Paymentus Holdings Inc Cl A

PAY18.2019.3725.219.60Strong Sell

5 (ACP) Abrnd Income Credit Strategies

ACP6.596.867.175.55Strong Sell

6 (FFA) FT Enhanced Equity Income Fund

FFA19.1519.8219.8215.84Strong Sell

7 (KF) Korea Fund

KF23.1524.1425.5618.30Strong Sell

8 (DMO) Western Asset Mortgage Defined

DMO11.5711.8912.0910.00Strong Sell

9 (FATH) Fathom Digital Manufacturing C

FATH4.485.2118.002.99Strong Sell

10 (WHD) Cactus Inc Cl A

WHD46.4651.8857.0037.58Strong Sell

11 (EXG) Eaton Vance Tax-Managed Global

EXG8.258.468.466.78Strong Sell

12 (MEC) Mayville Engineering Company

MEC15.0916.2717.009.72Strong Sell

13 (RMD) Resmed Inc

RMD200.00214.19229.97132.24Strong Sell

14 (UBS) UBS Group Ag ADR

UBS29.9731.1932.1319.25Strong Sell

15 (BTCM) Bit Mining Ltd

BTCM2.392.936.951.79Strong Sell

16 (DPZ) Dominos Pizza Inc

DPZ514.35538.37542.75313.87Strong Sell

17 (PFO) Flaherty & Crumrine Preferred

PFO8.348.578.576.90Strong Sell

18 (GBLI) Global Indemnity Plc

GBLI30.1431.6537.0026.50Strong Sell

19 (LOAR) Loar Holdings Inc

LOAR48.5058.7065.0044.95Strong Sell

20 (SPXX) Nuveen S&P 500 Dynamic Overwri

SPXX15.6216.0416.3013.57Strong Sell

21 (SHCO) Soho House & CO Inc

SHCO4.835.308.484.35Strong Sell

22 (AOMR) Angel Oak Mortgage REIT Inc

AOMR11.8512.4812.867.60Strong Sell

23 (BHK) Blackrock Core Trust

BHK10.5310.8811.009.02Strong Sell

24 (BOOT) Boot Barn Holdings Inc

BOOT118.88134.61134.6166.73Strong Sell

25 (ETG) Eaton Vance Tax-Advantaged Glo

ETG18.2318.7418.7414.08Strong Sell

26 (PRIM) Primoris Services Cp

PRIM52.6756.6256.6228.29Strong Sell

27 (RWT) Redwood Trust

RWT6.166.498.305.46Strong Sell

28 (HIX) Western Asset High Income Fund

HIX4.404.525.084.16Strong Sell

29 (THW) Abrdn World Healthcare Fund

THW12.6713.1514.309.76Strong Sell

30 (MVT) Blackrock Munivest Fund II

MVT10.6510.9011.178.96Strong Sell

31 (EVN) Eaton Vance Muni Income Trust

EVN10.1010.4210.458.64Strong Sell

32 (VCV) Invesco California Value Muni

VCV9.9710.4710.478.05Strong Sell

33 (NXP) Nuveen Tax Free Income Portfol

NXP14.1014.6014.8912.91Strong Sell

34 (PLD) Prologis Inc

PLD103.09111.06137.5296.64Strong Sell

35 (PSTG) Pure Storage Inc

PSTG62.7870.4170.4131.00Strong Sell

36 (SLG) SL Green Realty Corp

SLG52.3058.4658.4624.50Strong Sell

37 (TFII) Tfi International Inc

TFII130.21138.63162.13104.91Strong Sell

38 (VVI) Viad Corp

VVI32.9735.3439.9822.88Strong Sell

39 (WDI) Western Asset Diversified Inco

WDI14.1814.6014.8612.16Strong Sell

40 (ANF) Abercrombie & Fitch Company

ANF158.91196.99196.9933.38Strong Sell

41 (BTA) Blackrock Long-Term Muni Advan

BTA9.8910.2110.628.59Strong Sell

42 (BLE) Blackrock Muni Income Trust II

BLE10.3710.6210.958.77Strong Sell

43 (MQY) Blackrock Muniyield Quality Fu

MQY12.0412.3512.529.82Strong Sell

44 (CLS) Celestica Inc

CLS50.8957.1861.0613.51Strong Sell

45 (CHT) Chunghwa Telecom Ltd ADR

CHT38.4839.2840.0535.45Strong Sell

46 (DTW) Dte Energy Company 2017 Series

DTW22.9723.8425.1720.42Strong Sell

47 (KODK) Eastman Kodak

KODK5.336.186.343.33Strong Sell

48 (EFT) Eaton Vance Floating Rate Inco

EFT13.1713.5313.7511.40Strong Sell

49 (KB) KB Financial Group Inc ADR

KB55.2258.2660.1435.20Strong Sell

50 (BXMX) Nuveen Equity Premium

BXMX13.0413.3413.7511.75Strong Sell

51 (GHY) PGIM Global High Yield Fund

GHY11.5911.9412.1610.24Strong Sell

52 (PLTR) Palantir Technologies Inc Cl A

PLTR22.9026.5727.5013.68Strong Sell

53 (PGRE) Paramount Group Inc

PGRE4.304.665.924.06Strong Sell

54 (REVG) Rev Group Inc

REVG24.5727.0528.5912.51Strong Sell

55 (SOC) Sable Offshore Corp

SOC13.3415.8015.8010.11Strong Sell

56 (VLTO) Veralto Corporation

VLTO97.32100.57102.5865.51Strong Sell

57 (VGI) Virtus Global Multi-Sector Inc

VGI7.347.507.996.68Strong Sell

58 (EHI) Western Asset Global High

EHI6.997.197.756.00Strong Sell

59 (MHF) Western Asset Muni High

MHF6.646.846.925.92Strong Sell

60 (BFK) Blackrock Muni Income Trust

BFK10.0010.2210.488.55Strong Sell

61 (BNY) Blackrock New York Muni Trust

BNY10.4910.6910.868.60Strong Sell

62 (CARR) Carrier Global Corp

CARR60.9764.3966.5045.68Strong Sell

63 (ETW) Eaton Vance Corp

ETW8.148.358.496.96Strong Sell

64 (ETY) Eaton Vance Tax-Managed Divers

ETY13.7214.1914.1910.59Strong Sell

65 (EME) Emcor Group

EME376.22401.98401.98176.26Strong Sell

66 (VMO) Invesco Muni Opportunity Trust

VMO9.7010.0610.067.86Strong Sell

67 (KEP) Korea Electric Power Corp ADR

KEP6.837.269.555.93Strong Sell

68 (NATL) NCR Atleos Corporation

NATL27.2329.2029.2018.42Strong Sell

69 (ONTO) Onto Innovation Inc

ONTO206.44226.02238.13103.93Strong Sell

70 (PAR) Par Technology Corp

PAR42.2547.0450.0028.21Strong Sell

71 (PWR) Quanta Services

PWR262.73277.65286.87153.74Strong Sell

72 (RYAM) Rayonier Advanced Materials In

RYAM5. Sell

73 (SYK) Stryker Corp

SYK337.36351.56361.41249.98Strong Sell

74 (THC) Tenet Healthcare Corp

THC127.25136.58142.3551.04Strong Sell

75 (TREX) Trex Company

TREX76.1585.93101.9153.59Strong Sell

76 (UNFI) United Nat Foods

UNFI12.4615.6421.288.58Strong Sell

77 (VZIO) Vizio Holding Corp Cl A

VZIO10.5010.7811.284.82Strong Sell

78 (AOD) Aberdeen Total Dynamic Dividen

AOD8.218.468.467.02Strong Sell

79 (WMS) Advanced Drainage Systems Inc

WMS159.54174.82184.27102.32Strong Sell

80 (ARDC) Ares Dynamic Credit Allocation

ARDC14.4014.9314.9311.83Strong Sell

81 (ARGD) Argo Grp Itl Snr NTS

ARGD21.8522.4424.2420.41Strong Sell

82 (MHN) Blackrock Muniholdings New Yor

MHN10.5010.7310.878.69Strong Sell

83 (MPA) Blackrock Muniyield Pennsylvan

MPA12.1812.8212.829.87Strong Sell

84 (CAVA) Cava Group Inc

CAVA83.1997.6497.6429.05Strong Sell

85 (SHOC) Ea Series Strive U.S. Semicond

SHOC48.1754.0154.0129.64Strong Sell

86 (EFR) Eaton Vance Senior Floating-Ra

EFR12.9313.1913.4011.34Strong Sell

87 (ELAN) Elanco Animal Health Inc

ELAN17.2618.7718.778.52Strong Sell

88 (EVR) Evercore Partners Inc

EVR189.59199.93206.32117.12Strong Sell

89 (DFP) Flaherty & Crumrine Dynamic

DFP18.6219.2019.3115.45Strong Sell

90 (FND) Floor & Decor Holdings Inc

FND111.07120.44135.6776.30Strong Sell

91 (FSD) High Income Long Short Fund

FSD11.9412.2712.2710.20Strong Sell

92 (LEVI) Levi Strauss & Company Cl A

LEVI22.6324.3424.3412.41Strong Sell

93 (NMZ) Nuveen Muni High Income Opport

NMZ10.4010.8910.898.26Strong Sell

94 (MIO) Pioneer Municipal High Income

MIO11.3711.7011.709.18Strong Sell

95 (RMMZ) Rivernorth Managed Duration Mu

RMMZ15.8216.3516.9912.92Strong Sell

96 (AZEK) The Azek Company Cl A

AZEK41.9546.1650.7825.03Strong Sell

97 (TRIS) Tristar Acquisition I Corp Cl

TRIS11.0511.1411.1910.46Strong Sell

98 (UL) Unilever Plc ADR

UL54.6356.4756.4746.16Strong Sell

99 (AGD) Abrdn Global Dynamic Dividend


100 (AGL) Agilon Health Inc

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