NYSE Nasdq AMEX 100 Stocks Rankings



Top 100 Stock Rankings

NYSE Nasdq AMEX 100 Stocks Rankings


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Company Name Ticker Support Resist 52 Week
52 Week

1 (ASGI) Aberdeen Standard Global Infra

ASGI18.2519.0619.5614.96Strong Sell

2 (WAB) Wabtec Corp

WAB152.13163.03170.8398.70Strong Sell

3 (WDI) Western Asset Diversified Inco

WDI14.5915.0815.0812.16Strong Sell

4 (WMB) Williams Companies

WMB41.5243.7345.1032.49Strong Sell

5 (GPOR) Gulfport Energy Corp

GPOR148.66157.66165.1998.69Strong Sell

6 (NXP) Nuveen Tax Free Income Portfol

NXP14.3014.6114.8912.91Strong Sell

7 (TNL) Travel + Leisure Co.

TNL42.6947.1549.9132.10Strong Sell

8 (ATKR) Atkore Inc

ATKR129.86144.36194.98121.00Strong Sell

9 (GDDY) Godaddy Inc

GDDY140.69148.71148.7169.18Strong Sell

10 (MOD) Modine Manufacturing Company

MOD90.38108.75120.1135.12Strong Sell

11 (TWLO) Twilio

TWLO52.5157.5578.1649.86Strong Sell

12 (VIK) Viking Holdings Ltd

VIK33.1137.1537.1526.32Strong Sell

13 (BWXT) Bwx Technologies Inc

BWXT96.74106.42107.1867.91Strong Sell

14 (GNTY) Guaranty Bancshares Inc

GNTY28.5533.0035.7526.29Strong Sell

15 (PK) Park Hotels & Resorts Inc

PK14.1615.0418.0511.05Strong Sell

16 (STWD) Starwood Property Trust

STWD18.6019.8622.2917.07Strong Sell

17 (EHI) Western Asset Global High

EHI7.007.147.426.00Strong Sell

18 (AOD) Aberdeen Total Dynamic Dividen

AOD8.298.588.767.02Strong Sell

19 (AM) Antero Midstream Corp

AM14.3514.8815.2111.50Strong Sell

20 (BXMT) Blackstone Mortgage Trust Inc

BXMT16.9618.8223.8216.70Strong Sell

21 (BYD) Boyd Gaming Corp

BYD54.7759.8672.0149.34Strong Sell

22 (FICO) Fair Isaac and Company

FICO1499.601658.031658.03810.26Strong Sell

23 (AJX) Great Ajax Corp

AJX3.353.677.133.11Strong Sell

24 (SCD) Lmp Capital and Income Fund In

SCD15.1015.5815.9011.33Strong Sell

25 (IX) Orix Corp ADR

IX112.12119.68119.6886.05Strong Sell

26 (TPZ) Tortoise Power and Energy

TPZ15.8416.7016.7012.76Strong Sell

27 (MDST) Westwood Enhanced Midstream In

MDST24.9425.6826.1424.03Strong Sell

28 (AGD) Abrdn Global Dynamic Dividend

AGD9.5110.1710.178.20Strong Sell

29 (THW) Abrdn World Healthcare Fund

THW12.9413.2014.019.76Strong Sell

30 (GYLD) Arrow DJ Global Yield ETF

GYLD12.9213.2513.6511.57Strong Sell

31 (DRH) Diamondrock Hospitality Compan

DRH8.158.559.997.33Strong Sell

32 (DV) Doubleverify Holdings Inc

DV19.2820.6543.0017.50Strong Sell

33 (TEAF) Ecofin Sustainable and Social

TEAF11.7612.3413.1411.11Strong Sell

34 (KKRS) KKR Group Finance Ix Llc

KKRS19.2419.9020.6815.99Strong Sell

35 (WH) Wyndham Hotels & Resorts Inc

WH70.0974.3081.7365.63Strong Sell

36 (BLND) Blend Labs Inc Cl A

BLND2.583.393.401.03Strong Sell

37 (FSD) High Income Long Short Fund

FSD12.0712.4212.6310.20Strong Sell

38 (HGV) Hilton Grand Vacations Inc

HGV38.6042.5549.0233.13Strong Sell

39 (MLM) Martin Marietta Materials

MLM525.69558.67626.67389.90Strong Sell

40 (AME) Ametek Inc

AME163.89172.22186.33136.89Strong Sell

41 (BCS) Barclays Plc ADR

BCS11.0412.1212.126.23Strong Sell

42 (DM) Desktop Metal Inc

DM4.536.0019.903.62Strong Sell

43 (EFC) Ellington Financial Llc

EFC12.3013.1814.0510.88Strong Sell

44 (EPD) Enterprise Products Partners L

EPD28.9330.0530.0525.61Strong Sell

45 (FMX) Fomento Economico Mexicano S.A

FMX105.15113.82143.4399.24Strong Sell

46 (GUG) Guggenheim Active Allocation F

GUG15.0515.7815.7812.71Strong Sell

47 (J) Jacobs Engineering Group Inc

J134.24145.44154.50120.71Strong Sell

48 (KB) KB Financial Group Inc ADR

KB58.3063.3163.3136.57Strong Sell

49 (VAC) Marriot Vacations Worldwide Co

VAC81.2887.87129.7472.78Strong Sell

50 (NBHC) National Bank Holdings Corp

NBHC40.3046.5146.5128.38Strong Sell

51 (PLTR) Palantir Technologies Inc Cl A

PLTR25.7929.8329.8313.68Strong Sell

52 (SHO) Sunstone Hotel Investors

SHO10.0010.5311.598.61Strong Sell

53 (TOST) Toast Inc Cl A

TOST23.3426.1527.9013.77Strong Sell

54 (TYG) Tortoise Energy Infrastructure

TYG33.9936.1036.1026.77Strong Sell

55 (XHR) Xenia Hotels & Resorts Inc

XHR13.7314.5115.8410.90Strong Sell

56 (BTCM) Bit Mining Ltd

BTCM2.503.206.951.79Strong Sell

57 (DB) Deutsche Bank Ag

DB15.4116.4317.9510.00Strong Sell

58 (FLC) Flaherty & Crumrine/Claymore T

FLC15.4016.0316.0312.62Strong Sell

59 (FLUT) Flutter Entertainment Plc

FLUT191.63209.18226.40148.00Strong Sell

60 (IRM) Iron Mountain Inc

IRM92.53101.38101.3856.51Strong Sell

61 (HEQ) John Hancock Hedged Eqty & Inc

HEQ10.2910.6111.089.08Strong Sell

62 (KIO) KKR Income Opportunities Fund

KIO13.7814.2214.2211.02Strong Sell

63 (KEX) Kirby Corp

KEX117.17125.66130.9072.11Strong Sell

64 (LADR) Ladder Capital Corp

LADR11.5412.4112.419.08Strong Sell

65 (GF) New Germany Fund

GF8.058.449.337.38Strong Sell

66 (PH) Parker-Hannifin Corp

PH496.57541.27570.15362.49Strong Sell

67 (RHP) Ryman Hospitality Properties R

RHP95.44103.33122.9179.86Strong Sell

68 (WSO) Watsco Inc

WSO456.46495.98520.41337.58Strong Sell

69 (GDO) Western Asset Global Corporate

GDO12.3312.6513.0411.21Strong Sell

70 (HYI) Western Asset High Yield Defin

HYI11.5411.7412.2410.99Strong Sell

71 (WES) Western Midstream Partners LP

WES39.7442.8042.8025.69Strong Sell

72 (YELP) Yelp Inc

YELP34.7636.8448.9934.76Strong Sell

73 (AIZN) Assurant Inc 5.25% Subordinate

AIZN20.9021.7822.9917.70Strong Sell

74 (BKKT) Bakkt Hldgs Inc

BKKT14.8120.2368.755.57Strong Sell

75 (BHC) Bausch Health Companies Inc

BHC3.966.2811.463.96Strong Sell

76 (BILL) Bill Holdings Inc

BILL45.9052.55127.6445.90Strong Sell

77 (BAH) Booz Allen Hamilton Holding Co

BAH150.30156.68164.43106.90Strong Sell

78 (BN) Brookfield Corp

BN42.9247.5747.5728.84Strong Sell

79 (BNJ) Brookfield Finance Inc 4.50%

BNJ15.7016.0516.7313.67Strong Sell

80 (CSL) Carlisle Companies Inc

CSL397.47426.15443.87235.79Strong Sell

81 (CSR) Centerspace

CSR67.9671.2871.3620.10Strong Sell

82 (RQI) Cohen & Steers Quality Income

RQI11.7512.5012.649.17Strong Sell

83 (EVG) Eaton Vance Short Diversified

EVG10.7510.9511.109.56Strong Sell

84 (ETB) Eaton Vance Tax-Managed Buy-Wr

ETB13.8614.2014.4111.59Strong Sell

85 (ENLC) Enlink Midstream Llc

ENLC13.4314.3814.3810.91Strong Sell

86 (GNE) Genie Energy Ltd Cl B

GNE15.1517.0030.9013.07Strong Sell

87 (HGTY) Hagerty Inc

HGTY10.1911.4711.477.52Strong Sell

88 (HLT) Hilton Inc

HLT211.98222.52229.03146.00Strong Sell

89 (H) Hyatt Hotels Corp

H147.51156.61162.2496.77Strong Sell

90 (IR) Ingersoll Rand Inc

IR93.36101.30101.3059.20Strong Sell

91 (ITUB) Itau Unibanco Banco Holding S.

ITUB5.916.277.275.12Strong Sell

92 (KNTK) Kinetik Holdings Inc

KNTK41.7345.2445.2431.31Strong Sell

93 (KD) Kyndryl Hldgs Inc

KD26.3528.3328.6011.92Strong Sell

94 (LOCL) Local Bounti Corp

LOCL2.602.936.331.17Strong Sell

95 (DIAX) Nuveen Dow

DIAX13.9314.3614.7412.80Strong Sell

96 (QTWO) Q2 Holdings Inc

QTWO61.7471.0871.0828.91Strong Sell

97 (SITC) Site Centers Corp

SITC14.6815.8115.8110.88Strong Sell

98 (FXED) Sound Enhanced Fixed Income ET

FXED18.2718.6918.9516.40Strong Sell

99 (TRGP) Targa Resources

TRGP128.00138.28138.2877.97Strong Sell

100 (FTI) Technipfmc Plc

FTI26.0028.5428.5417.36Strong Sell
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